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ACS Encore Studio New 5 Driver CIEM!

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  1. soundblast75
    A great surprise at the Custom-Cable's headphone show in London on the 29/30 Jan was this new 5 Driver ciem from UK's best custom earphones manufacturer ACS.
    I heard the demo unit and ordered one right away, as i think did quite a few other impressed people at the show.
    As a previous owner of T1 live i knew their quality is high, but always lacked a little more bass and now i thought they've achieved my perfect sound[​IMG]
    Anyways, here is a link to the website, the new ciem are now live, check out those wicked Linum cables, mighty impressive stuff too!!
    Also, new colors and storage case!
  2. proedros
    someone compared them (favourably) to the (much pricier) JHA Layla
  3. shakur1996
    Is my understanding correct that Encore is Vshaped CIEM?
  4. soundblast75
    I really can't advice just yet, should be getting them next week.
    Layla did not impress me for the price, i dont think its gonna do well with europeans on a lesser budget to our somewhat more wallet capable asian friends:)
    And..K10 slashes it imo!
    I had heard the A and L and then not expecting much from Acs (5drivers only haha) put Encore in my ears..and you know..there's no experimenting here, tuning was perfect, everything there, that perfect balance b/n reference and fun, speaker-like sound of the highest kind. Think PMC speakers in your ears:)
  5. soundblast75
    Can you find a link pls, thx?
  6. daniel_hokkaido
    Um was that me? I tried both and agree with Soundblast75. The ACS blew me away. And I struggled to get a good seal. So really interested in hearing how the custom works out for you! 
    BTW imagine my disappointment 
    masterpfa likes this.
  7. soundblast75

    glad you thought the same, will write here as soon as i gett it[​IMG] 
  8. jelt2359 Contributor
    One week turnaround? That's incredible!
  9. PhilW
    I'm waiting to decide what colour i want for my ACS Encore, there will be a whole bunch of universals due soon too and believe me. Value for money is inSANE! They will be available for pre-order in the next few hours! The Evoke Studio UIEM will list at £149.
  10. daniel_hokkaido
    I personally would go custom but the UIEMs are a good idea to have. I just don't know why ACS don't do silicone tips. 
  11. soundblast75
    I totally agree with Phil about the value, even at full price it will be one of the best CIEM out there fighting those 15 drivers to come[​IMG]
  12. daniel_hokkaido
    Hah I must get my thumb out and form a savings account just for moments of reaping an excellent deal at an audio show. 
    Problem is my other hobby of racing bicycles is bloody expensive too ; /
  13. zenpunk
    I also ordered a pair after a quick listen at the show and was really impressed by its clarity and spacious presentation. I also really like that it use the Linum BAX cable, which I am already using with my other IEM.
    My only concerned is that the demo was incredibly small and appeared to be acrylic so I hope they successfully reproduced the tuning of the full original custom.
    If the custom sounds even better than the demo unit i will be over the moon.[​IMG] 
  14. GhostWing
    Can anyone tell me how many sound bores on each canal part of ENCORE?
  15. daniel_hokkaido
    The pics above show two 
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