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Acoustune HS1695TI / HS1655CU impressions.

  1. iBo0m

    I've heard from Acoustune that their new "reference" flagship HS1695TI along with HS1655CU are planned to be released during August. However, both models were already part of a few local audio exhibitions.

    Can anyone who was lucky to try the HS1695TI share some thoughts – I suppose that the flagship model is meant to be a successor of HS1670SS. Also, how’s the new high-end cable which looks maybe a bit thicker/heavier but attractive.

  2. SilentNote
    Should be able to test it this weekend. FYI all the 16xx series are supposed to be at the same level. The HS1695 TI is more expensive due to the titanium being difficult to work with.
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  3. iBo0m
    Great, share some thoughts :). I wasn't sure how to classify the upcoming models because there is not many information available.

    Some time ago, I've noticed some posts about 20xx series which might be the next big step up. However, I'm not sure whether the posts were relevant.
  4. SilentNote
    Managed to try out the demo today. My brief impression is as follows:

    HS1655CU WH
    Sound: These sound the same as the HS1650CU as far as I can tell.

    Build: The difference is the white + gold color, and the Pentaconn Ear connector with a new 16 core silver coated cable.

    HS1695TI (Limited Edition)
    These are limited edition new flagship of the Acoustune series. Only 400 units will be available world-wide.

    Sound: The HS1695TI has a balanced sound signature, with moderately boosted bass and trebles. It is significantly different sounding compared to the HS1670SS. HS1695TI has less bass boost with similar levels of treble. The reduced bass results in an overall cleaner and more detailed sound versus the HS1670SS, especially in the vocals and trebles. This however, gives an impression of being harsher sounding than the HS1670SS. The tonal characteristics is excellent, consistent with the entire 16XX line. I do consider all the HS16XX on the same level of performance, with the HS1695TI being the most accurate / neutral sounding with less masking from the bass.

    Compared to the Fiio FH7 (with reference filter), they both have balanced sound signature with similar levels of bass boost. The FH7 is gentler sounding. However, the tonality at the vocal range of the FH7 is slightly shifted and less detailed than the HS1695TI. The FH7 does have an edge at the cymbals, probably due to the multi-BA design. However the HS1695TI has perfect coherence being a single dynamic driver.

    Build: Full gold color - I forgot to ask them if they are gold plated. Same Pentaconn Ear connector with 16 core silver coated cable. To be honest the pair looks like little pieces of jewelry.

    Pre-orders are available at Stars Picker Audio Library begining today. Pictures will come later as I am not on my main computer.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
  5. iBo0m

    Photos would be great. So, basically the biggest upgrade is the high-end cable while sound-wise the HS1695TI nicely complements the rest... :)

    You're right about the color, maybe too much eye-catching for audio piece... but hey, the "highest" model in the 16xx series must be different. The gold color apparently became popular lately... :)
  6. TooPoorForHiFi
    Any info on US pricing and release date? Best place to buy / import etc...
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  7. iBo0m
    At this point the HS1695Ti and HS1655Ti are being sold by some local shops.

    who ships worldwide might have them in stock in few weeks. I'd expect the price around $1000 for 1695Ti and $600 for 1655Ti, while some local shops might sell them for $900 / $540...
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  8. AlexCBSN
    Any other sound impressions from the 1655? I’m deciding in between that and the 1650, I’m in love with the 1670ss, so well balanced, soundstage is way better than any other iem i own, i used to believe that nothing could beat the r1’z and this guys just knock em out of the park

    Any impressions will be appreciated

    Regards to all
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  9. TooPoorForHiFi
    Base on the Photo, it doesn't look like its using the standard MMCX?

  10. iBo0m
    No it doesn't, I have spoken directly to the Acoustune guy. The new cable (used in both HS1655/1695) has special pins called PentaconnEar (Pentaconn has been working together with Acoustune for some time). Separately, the cable will be also available only with these pins thus can't be used with older Acoustune IEMs.

    The following jacks will be available (only angled):
    • ARC71: 3.5mm
    • ARC72: 2.5mm
    • ARC73: 4.4mm
  11. iBo0m
    I think it might be still too soon but you might try your luck with Asian audio websites and Google translate :).
  12. James_LX
    I liked the 1655 better than the 1650 and noticed difference enough to much prefer the 1655. I wouldn't take the 1650 after listening to the 1655, it sounded more balanced, as was the 1670 which was my preferred of all four. 1650 and 1695 had just a little too much treble energy for my liking. They were more v-shaped than the other two.

    In order of preference: 1670 > 1655 > 1695 > 1650
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  13. AlexCBSN
    Thanks brother, i got the 1670 as well, truly surprised by it, im loving every minute of em, will get r2 aten's from IMR this week hopefully, different sound styles i think yet its my 2 most exciting iems of the summer
  14. Neralo
    I’ve been waiting for the 1695tis to be released before pulling the trigger on the acoustunes, I was planning on getting the 1670s, after auditioning everything in the lineup. Fully agree with your verdict on the 1670s, by far the most balanced of the rest. Still gonna wait to demo the 1695s if I can get a chance, though considering it’s limited edition-ness, I’ll be unlikely to get a pair even if I did like them.
  15. James_LX
    The 1695s sounded like 1670 but with more treble energy, giving the sound even more detail, crispiness, sparkle, whatever you wanna call it.
    But I found it too much on certain songs, almost to the level of the 1650s. It did sound more refined but sometimes overly so.
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