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Acoustune HS1501 AL / HS1551 CU

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  1. earfonia
    Tried these 'Iron Man Inspired' Acoustune HS1501 AL / HS1551 CU a while ago in Zeppelin Singapore.
    Couldn't find the dedicated thread for those models, so I start one to share impressions.



    They are both have the smooth warm and bassy signature, but the Red-Gold one HS1551 CU is less bassy and more balanced than the Blue-Silver HS1501. The Blue HS1501 bass a bit too much for me and sometime sounds a bit bloated. Treble-head can pass these two models, they are definitely more suitable for those looking for smooth warm and full bodied sound signature.

    For those who like realistic bass power and dynamic, like me, the Red-Gold HS1551 CU may sound relatively balanced. Still rather bassy but in a good and musical way. Bass is strong and punchy, mids is smooth and warm, treble is super smooth, good clarity with decent extension, but treble level is a bit under the bass and mids. Dynamic is really good, a lots of oomph and realistic dynamic.

    I prefer the Acoustune Red-Gold HS1551 CU more for pop, vocal, and jazz. EDM I think is also good with it. I prefer to have more treble and transparency for classical and instrumental, especially acoustic instrumental. Overall it is a very nice sounding IEM with the right type of recordings.
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  2. fastwrx25
    I've tried both of these recently too, but I feel the copper version bass is stronger than the aluminum version one. And that the copper one has more full sound, more decay, and aluminum more punchy. basically the opposite of what you feel. I like the sound of them very much, very rich smooth sound, large soundstage, good bass you can feel.

    I prefer the copper one, but both are sound pretty similar.

    I think for the price point they are a good value considering the build quality of the IEMs(CNC'd metal) and the cable. The cable feels heavy duty and is very good for a stock cable. The cable is kind of heavy though. They look weird but they fit surprisingly well in my ears, more comfortable than the campfire orion series.

    also its nice that they are made in Japan.
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  3. earfonia
    I see. Next time i will bring my measurement mic to check the bass level. Basically both have similar tuning, only some differences in bass level.

    Build quality is awesome, and cable feels solid and good quality. Fit also excellent for me. Really good value IMHO.
  4. crinacle
    Green: HS1501, yellow: HS1551
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  5. fastwrx25
    Nice to see measurements! I didnt realize crinacle you measured these. Thanks.

    So apparently my ears are defective! I need to go listen to these again

    I think the cool thing about these two earphones is that it shows that material does show appreciable change in sound. Since these two models share the same exact driver, but differ only in the copper and aluminum driver chamber housing
  6. robervaul
    I'd like infos about the HS1004 too :slight_smile:
  7. earfonia
    Nice! Thanks a lot! So the HS1551 does have slightly less bass.
  8. earfonia
    That is interesting! Even though they use the same driver, I thought they are tuned slightly differently. Anyone has info if the difference in bass caused only by different shell material or they have different bass tuning from factory?
  9. fastwrx25
    That is what the Acoustune/Pentaconn guy told me at CanJam Singapore. same exact driver and tuning....just different driver housing(that middle barrel+knob) material. He also said that the knob is there to act as a dampener to eliminate resonance, theoretically....through calculations.
  10. earfonia
    Had opportunity to measure both Blue AL and Red CU today in Zeppelin Singapore. I used UMIK-1 & REW, and using DIY acoustic coupler made of 5 layers of heat shrink tube. 2 measurement each driver, so 4 measurement per model, and then averaged them. All using 1/24 octave smoothing.

    Acoustune HS1501 AL and HS1551 CU.png

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  11. Darkestred
    Are these available for purchase and/or in the US?
  12. Sound Eq
    more info is appreciated
  13. productred
    Enjoying my blue HS1551Cu. Contender for the throne of the top dynamic iem in the world right now. Different flavour to the (only) other two contenders Vega and Xelento - all on more or less the same level of resolving power and extension but a most simplistic comparison would be Vega: meaty, authoritative, in the face and hot, Xelento: cool, balanced, quick and airy, HS1551: middle road between these two.
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  14. Sound Eq

    that is nice, can u tell me does it have any sibilence or harshness, and are the mids full layered and not recessed, and how is the sound stage

    by the way how much does they sell those ???
  15. productred
    1. No sibilance or harshness - extension in the highs is very good but neither prominent nor peaky
    2. Layering is good
    3. Mids definitely not recessed, fairly balanced signature with a very mild pyramidal frequency preception. Great for easy listening while able to qualify for critical sessions.
    4. Got it for a hair north of $400
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