Acoustic Research M20 Coming soon

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by dnun8086, Feb 4, 2016.
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  1. tonehk
    Not my understanding, but i could be wrong. the M20 or M2 cannot be used as a USB DAC. The USB player pro is just a music player (but with a lot of advanced functionality). i use this app on my smartphone and it is almost the same as the AR branded app.
  2. Tinnitus Man
    Ok. I've just had clarification directly from eXtream that their USB Player Pro app can bypass the Android sound stack and use the onboard DAC.

    So I'm now at home for the weekend and my player is at work, so I can't experiment with this until Monday. If anyone can confirm that the USB app works well on the M20, I'd be very interested to move other to the other app.

    EDIT: Now eXtream are saying "No". I'll report back when I get the story straight. Either I'm misunderstanding eXtream or they're misunderstanding me.
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  3. Darkestred
    Tried to get a hacked version (license fail). Cant justify 7 bucks just to see if it will work. Already wasted money buying through yandex in hopes i could get poweramp to work.

    Just downloaded jetaudio - first player to actually play mp3s right away (minus maybe nuetron). Gonna mess around with this.
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  4. Tinnitus Man
    Ok, so from eXtream, they say:

    As far as I can tell, this means that only the AR player apps can access the AR DAC.

    If I misinterpreted that, let me know - I’m no Android expert.
  5. Darkestred
    I might be dreaming but i thought i read awhile back that the USB DAC is there but it has not been unlocked. Am i making this up or am i just confusing this with something else.
  6. crabdog
    What the AR Player does is bypass the Android subsystem. If you use a third party player it has to go through the Android framework but uses the same (and only) DAC.
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