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Acoustic Research M20 Coming soon

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by dnun8086, Feb 4, 2016.
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  1. micheleporfido7
    Hi, did anybody heard the M20 with the Westone W40? Impressions?
  2. rae8836
    M20 Firmware update exists!

    http://www.acousticresearch-hifi.com/AR-M20/ - all the way to the bottom, under 'Downloads' - has a 'Firmware Update' link that downloads M20_V1530BT-ota-eng_mmc.zip . The AR Hong Kong site shows (via Goggle Translate):

    --------------------------------- snip --------------------------------
    Acoustic Research Hong Kong
    July 31 ·
    AR Music Player Pro has entered the RC version stage, the software is suitable for M2 2.5.x firmware, and M20 1.3.6 / 1.5.3 firmware. Is now through the Head-Fi AR official representative AR-Voice to accept the user registration for the tester. Head members can send private messages to AR-Voice (please use English):

    On the other hand, M20 version 1.5.3 firmware is handed over to the webmaster and is scheduled for release. The main amendments to the British agent outflow 1.4.5 version of the technical problems, after 1.3.6 is on an official version. Version 1.5.3 does not include the new version of AR Music Player Pro, the use of M20 tester can also get M20 1.5.3 firmware and AR Music Player Pro APK file.
    ----------------------- end snip ------------------------------------

    So apparently there is both new base firmware and a 'Pro' version of the AR Music Player with the firmware available for installation and the Pro Player still in beta.

    I downloaded and unzipped the 1.5.3 firmware, but there was no 'readme' and it wasn't obvious to me how to initiate the install. Anyone have any ideas on how the installation should go?
  3. rae8836
    After further research, answering my own question:

    Procedure to Update Firmware
    1. Download the firmware file (will be a .zip - don't unzip)
    2. Connect AR-M20 to the computer with Micro USB data cable
    3. For PC users, run Windows Explorer. Open ARM20 > Internal SD card.
    Copy the file into the root level of Internal SD card
    For Mac users, run Android File Transfer (if it does not launch automatically)
    If a micro SD card has been installed, please select Internal SD card.
    Copy the file into the root level of the Internal SD card.
    4. Disconnect AR-M20 from the computer after the file transfer completes
    5. Open Settings > About devices, select System update
    6. Select Local updates > FOLDER > Internal storage
    7. Select xxxx.zip
    8. After the prompt “Are you sure to reboot?” appears, select OK
    The firmware update will be executed.
    Please do not interrupt the firmware update process until completion.

    This procedure ran without issues on my M20. Haven't spend enough time with the updated unit to report on changes. If anyone comes across a Change Log, please post.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2017
  4. se7en7
    @AR-Voice Pm left regarding cases and firmware thank you
  5. se7en7
    @AR-Voice could i have firmware for ar pro for m20 thanks
  6. crabdog
  7. se7en7
    Cheers crabdog

    I meant the AR pro app firmware for the M20, it's available via @AR-Voice

    So please could I have that AR pro please via pm thanks
  8. crabdog
    Oh right. Yeah I've been waiting for an update to the music app as well. It's a long time overdue.
  9. se7en7
    Okay so i have the AR pro app firmware

    However once installed i have now lost my bluetooth as in it gone not there in drag down menu or settings i hope this can be rectified as this one reason why i bought the M20 over the M2.

    Glad to have the AR pro app but not at the expense of bluetooth any help @AR-Voice??

    Thank you for update firmware though

    After Use AR Pro is definite upgrade many thanks just need bluetooth back
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
  10. Robert777
    Is @AR-Voice still active on the forum?

    Tempted to give this player a chance but would like to know if I can expect firmware updates and responsive customer service before I pull the trigger.
  11. Benz-Fi
    Anyone using the M20 with tidal? -- I have tidal hifi but when I stream tidal through the AR Pro player it only plays 320kbps. I confirmed that the files I'm listening too are available in higher bitrates.

    I'm using he latest firmware and could not find a setting to change the streaming quality, any help would be great!

    Figured it out: When selecting a tidal artist to play/browse in AR Pro, click the settings icon on the top right of the screen and select the format you want to stream :)
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2018
    crabdog likes this.
  12. Tinnitus Man
    Anyone had problems with playlists in AR Pro Player? I see the tab there for playlists, but there's nothing in it.

    They seem to work on the original player though, but playlists created in the old app don't appear in the new app....
  13. Tinnitus Man
    Ok, so I'm underwhelmed.

    I bought this player on the primrose if having great sound quality. It looks as though the new AR Pro Player just doesn't do playlists (and my work based listening is entirely playlist driven as I's dumb to go back to the player and choose a new album whenever the last one has finished).

    And the volume. On the unit I have here, the sound is barely hearable with the volume set to 50%. To get a reasonable sound level I need to raise it all the way to 90%. I've tried this with both my headphones (nothing special here) and they're both the same.
  14. crabdog
    Do you have the Sound Effects turned on in the player settings? I found that can cause the volume to drop.

    I also came across an issue when using Tidal that I have to turn the volume up to 90+ to get listenable levels. Almost exploded my ears a couple times when I switched back to the player afterwards.
  15. Tinnitus Man
    I don't see any "Sound Effects" setting in AR Pro Player. If you mean the "Replay gain", I have that turned off. EQ is turned off too.
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