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Acoustic Research AR-H1 Planar Impressions and Discussion thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by crabdog, Jul 30, 2017.
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  1. FastAndClean
    why you letting them go?
  2. FredA
    Which store in New-York?
  3. Alcophone
    I was generally looking for open back headphones, and initially thought the ÆON for $800 is the most likely candidate. Then I heard good things about the AR-H1 and couldn't audition them anywhere without ordering them. I liked the idea of saving $200, though. Alrighty, then, I ordered them so they arrived before I would audition other cans as well. I liked them, but ended up falling in love with the Ether Flow and got those instead.
    The AR-H1 sound hollow in comparison, the chemical smell never fully went away (noticeable after taking them off after a while), which concerned me, the earcups were a bit too shallow, and while they are sturdy, they bruise easily, it seems. But still, fine cans.

    Shine Electronics
    10-15 46th Road
    Long Island City, New York 11101

    I didn't notice a change after the first day, in contrast to the Ethers that still hadn't quite reached their final form after a week of almost continuous burn-in (so 200h sounds about right for them).
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  4. FredA
    The Ether Flow have to sound excellent for three times the money. Thanks for the store name. @Alcophone
  5. Alcophone
    Well, you know how it is with diminishing returns. I got them to replace the Philips SHP9500S for serious listening, which cost me $57. Are the Ether Flow 31x as good? No, that would be ridiculous. It's more like here's what I'm willing to pay for amazing sound, and that's the best within that range, alright, I'll take it. It definitely is in a league above the ÆON, though, which is noticeably better than the AR-H1, if you like the tonal balance (somewhat recessed mids). The Sennheiser HD660S is a great offering in this price range, too.
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  6. FredA
    Yes, the Senns are probably excellent. I might cancel my AR-H1. They take forever to ship.
  7. Karlg
    Well said!
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  8. biscottino
    Just now i listen Keith Jarrett trio with my Qp1r and AR headphone, great details and texture of the bass perfect , 3d stage excellent, i love this headphone for jazz and Classic music, but i think that for the Rock , isn’t a better choice.
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  9. sawindra
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  10. FredA
    Just cancelled mine and ordered the he-560 instead. Too long a delay. This review is very informative. The comparison with the he-500 is quite even. So i figure the ar-h1 and he-560 are comparably good products, just different.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
  11. biscottino
    AR is more, more, more efficient!
    High is similar.
  12. FredA
    Yes, i know. For someone with a low-power amp, the ar-h1 is a better choice. That has to be taken into account. And it seems that the ar-h1 has better built quality. The he-560 wins in on comfort it seems. They sound different also. I think the ar-h1 is more forward with smaller soundstage. All in all, two great sets.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
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  13. biscottino
    I do not have comfort problems with ha2, but it's always a subjective matter. I have several cables for he1000 and are compatible with ha2, wywires, Forza Audio, Portento Audio and the cable of my Susvara, I have tested for now only the Forza Audio, and the headset sounds very different, softer, less acute range, more impact on the bass and more stage. But loses transparency and presence, I like the point of view of ha2, I find it very original.
  14. heliosphann
    Been busy modding and listening to a bunch of new headphones, so I haven't listened to these in a while. Put them on the other day and I forgot how much I initially enjoyed the AR-H1's. Still one the best planars in this price range IMHO. Just check out all the reviews (sans Beardy McGrumpy's).
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