Accurian Amp $14.95!!! RadioShack!!!
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Jun 11, 2004
I picked up this amp and modded it to be a 50 watt integrated amp 50-20,000hz and 25w per channel.....sounds great on my little mini speakers for a back yard system.....i have a dual rca to mini plug on my Zune and its working nice.

Ok,granted its not high-end audiophile sound, but for the price its great for a little BBQ system or workshop/garage system etc. - Home Entertainment: Accessories: Audio accessories: Speaker accessories: Accurian™ HomePlug® Digital Audio Receiver/Amplifier

The mod is on the soldering....just remove one jumper and put the one from the rear RCAs in its spot and let the other dangle. EASY!
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I bought a few for my friends a few months back. Joshadot did the mod. Cool deal if you can find them.
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Yep... Bought one last year, modified it, sold it.

I still have the wireless receiver board around here somewhere...
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The mod isnt really even a mod because all you do is remove a jumper and put another one in its place. Its a cool little amp for the price. The original price of $149 is too much though,even with the wireless i wouldnt have paid that, but to run a few speakers of your pc, or to connect an mp3 player to it for the backyard BBQ, its great for $14.95.
Too bad it doesnt have a headphone jack. If the frequency response was 20-20,000hz , maybe id get a T-Amp and a pair of K-1000's and do a shoot out!
But it only goes from 50-20,000hz which is fine for bookshelf speakers anyway.

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