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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by icu, May 13, 2002.
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  1. ICU
    A throughly professional transaction on AC1's part, gave me price, address, tracking number, and Lo! and behold! the delivery was lickitysplit!

    Thank you, Andy, if you should decide to jettison any Bugle Boys, give me a toot![​IMG] Please.
  2. Moebius
    Just completed a transaction (from post at http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showth...&highlight=580). I was a bit nervous; this is the most expensive deal I've done with an individual over the net.

    But I had no need to worry. Items were shipped promptly after receipt of payment, with emailed tracking number. They were well packed, with some bubble wrap and _tons_ of packing peanuts. Phones and gear all accounted for and as advertised. I'm really enjoying them so far [​IMG] ...

    So, all in all a well-done transaction. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with AC1 again. Thanks for the great phones!

    (editted for spelling errors)
  3. botchki
    Just bought a pair of Luminous Audio Synchesta Signatures from Andy and it was a pleasure doing business with him. Fair price, condition as described, great communication and fast shipping. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again. Thanks Andy.

  4. sacd lover
    Very easy transaction, good communicator and he payed quickly by paypal. I would enjoy doing business with him again.
  5. sacd lover
    I sold AC1 a ps audio transport. Easy transaction, prompt payment and good follow up communication. He is a good buyer.
  6. carlo
    Modified an amp for AC1 - he paid immediately and is extremely easy to work and communicate with.
  7. JMedeiros Contributor
    Got my Beyers from Andy today. Fast and safe shipping. Great communication. Very pleased-
    Thanks Andy!

  8. Hirsch
    Bought a pair of Alessandro MS Pros from Andy. If anything, condition was even better than described! Very smooth and easy transaction. I'd do business with him anytime. Recommended!!!
  9. markkr
    Sold AC1 a Headsave Tempo

    Very easy to deal with, fast payment and great communication.

  10. iano Contributor
    Sold Andy a Bel Canto DAC...great payment and communication, easy to deal with, would definitely recommend.
  11. strohmie Contributor
    Just bought AC1's carlo modded Sugden - great transaction, too bad I don't have anything to plug into this beauty yet. ^_^

    Thanks much!
  12. grinch
    Andy had great communication and even mailed the headphones out the day i paid. I'd happily purchase from him again, and you should too.
  13. insomniac Contributor
    Just sold AC1 some vintage PCDP's. Very good communication, pleasant to deal with, and super fast payment. Ideal buyer.
  14. braillediver Contributor
    A smooth and excellent transaction. Andy paid promptly, let me know when the tubes arrived and that they met his expectations.

    Clear and prompt communication.


  15. iceberq
    Sold e4 to AC1. Helped me with suggestions as I was a first-time seller online, maintained good communication and most importantly payment was fast [​IMG] I would definately deal with him again.
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