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Absolute cheapest amp for HE-500

  1. Cornu Ammonis
    Without getting into the details, I'm looking to buy the Hifiman HE-500, but my current amp (a DIY cmoy) is clearly insufficient.  I'm looking for an amp or DAC/amp for under $200 that can at least passably serve to power the HE-500 until I can afford a better setup.  I actually preordered the FiiO E17 for unrelated reasons, but I suppose that won't be nearly sufficient, either.  Right now I'm looking at the Audio-GD NFB-12, but I figured it'd be a good idea to get others' opinions.
  2. hodgjy
    I suppose your cheapest option would be from HiFiMan himself.
    Hybrid amps push planars very well.
  3. antikryst
    i have the e17 and am thinking of the HE-500. are they at least decent with them?
  4. Flognuts
    Not even close. sorry. 
  5. conheo
    NFB-12 is an good choice, as it has more than 2w at 32ohm (if i remember correctly) and also come with good dac section. 
  6. formula1
    The amp section have good amount of power, but the Dac its very basic. 
  7. koiloco
    Amp only? There is only 1 answer. Emotiva mini x for $150 right now. Not sure there's any left :wink:
  8. wewewho77
    Get a used EF5.
  9. Destroysall Contributor
    Schiit Magni, it's noted for being a decent pair with sensitive headphones like the HE-500.
  10. i019791
    How does it pair with insensitive HE500s ?
    Very few headphones are less sensitive compared to HE500
  11. Dubstep Girl

    Imo this will be superior to anything else at that price cause of all the power it has, just get a speaker cable adapter thingy
  12. koiloco

    +1.  After my recent amp purchase and initial sound comparison, I still stick to my previous Emotiva recommendation. 

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