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Absolute best budget earbuds?

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  1. groucho69
    Go blue or go home!
  2. fairx
    Just ordered the fabled one for myself. I choose the white without mic. Never had a white shell earbud apart from cheap bundles. Want to get the blue one but I might get confused with my qian25. Been waiting for this for months. Glad the price stays like in taobao and not jacked up high. Thanks for the effort bringing this for the masses guys.

    China small Packet usually arrived in 10 days. Can't wait. I might order bunch for my friends if the bass indeed a killer as mentioned before.
  3. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    I ordered a Blue Vido with a Mic.  All I have now are 2 white without a mic.
  4. AkashS04
    Better Bass in VIDO which all are talking about now? Is it better than SHE3800 in terms of Bass, Clarity and Warmness and also comfort. I am looking for an upgrade to SHE3800 but with Mic only. If not then will order 3800 with Mic but want to see if Edifier P180 or P190, VIDO with Mic or anything else is better than 3800 in terms of above things. Sadly no review at all of P190 but earbud looks good. Not sure about sound though
  5. AkashS04
    How do you compare Vido with Monk+ and SHE3800? 
  6. KLgamers
    Vido Earbuds short review :

    Absolute Best budget earbuds? No doubt..

    US3.99 (without mic) earbuds with Good SQ compare to newly purchase hand phones bundle earbuds ? Interesting right ?

    BloodyPenguin did a summary review about Vido (window) earbud recently and my local stockist for budget earbuds inform me that she will bring in vido for those who wants to jump in to SQ wagon but want to spent low price eg.. Monk+, TY etc... I got my Vido with same price, 4 pcs in total which I distribute to my friends to enjoy.

    I got it from here (Malaysia)

    Short review :

    Coming from Car Audio SQ, I have several tracks albums to test car audio systems and measure the Sound Quality. My daily portable gadget that I use for enjoying music is HM-650, Dx-50, X5, Walnut V2, Fiio E12 and iBasso Portatube.

    Currently I owned several Earbuds. The Usual suspect is of course Monk+ (Smoked Black & Candy), both Ty Hi-Z Hp32 & 32S, Qian 25 (all 3 colors which all differ in sounds), Qian 39 and Vido (both color Blue & white). Coming and on its way is Ty Hi-Z Hp150, Ty Hi-Z 400SE and Colarad C01. I got chance to audit SeaHf 150 recently.

    Test tracks is Sheffield Drum tracks, Macintosh Audiophile tracks, Isaac to determine soundstage/headstage width and height, clarity, polarity and FR. Albums used is from variety of genres eg. Jazz, swing, Pop,Blues,vocals tracks, Rock and heavy metal...All in Flac & wav.

    Vido earbuds passed all the test with good results. My favorite albums when hearing Vido is Michael buble, Megadeth, linkin park and many more. Surprisingly I can hear full albums without skip any tracks (normally I'll skip songs when using IEM's which is only good on certain tracks but not with Vido).

    Low :
    Good round bass response and texture (no its not bass head earbuds). Most of the Marron Five Taylor swift albums has very good Qualify recording and Vido passed all the tracks that involved with bass (low but not bloated, just nice) Slightly less bass compare to TY Hi-Z Hp32 and Qian 25 but equivalent to monk+.

    Mid :
    Good but not as good as TY Hi-Z HP32. Low mid support to bass response is good, no freq spike in this area compare to Qian 25 (Blue color version) which give good bass thump. Voices tracks position is all good, not forward or laid back.. Just nice.

    High :
    No treble spike or sibilant to ear. It substitute just enough thru all FR. Voice tracks is less air compare to TY Hi-Z HP32S or monk+

    To be summarised, Vido earbuds is really good for the price (who said cheap is no good ☺). Of course you can get better performance for hi-end model but bare in mind you have to feed sufficient power to it too which Vido only need Dap straight up and it will sing. Soundstage/headstage just ok not very wide and imaging just good above average.

    I did a blind test on Vido with few friends of mine who do not know nothing about SQ. The response is positives and they like what they hear even straight up from their hand phone.

    Latest information from golov17, vido logo is remove from seller Page but the logo on earbuds shell remains.

    To rap the summary Vido is played well with the music genres that I mentioned above.. Enjoy your music... Cheers to all. Peace

  7. golov17
    So, the logo will be in place, it was removed only from the product page, so do not be afraid to confuse them with others ..
  8. KLgamers
    ooh my mistake.. I'm Apologise for that. Thanks
  9. CharlesRievone
    Oh man, I'm convincing myself that I should no longer get any more buds for a few months or so, but then we get to read reviews like these [​IMG] 
  10. groucho69
    it's just the disease...give in
  11. fairx
    Ouch I didn't know someone in lowyat import them. I thought they're just into overpriced monk. Been out of the forum for too long.
  12. flamesofarctica
    Posted my thoughts on the Seahf 32, Seahf 32S and TY Hi-Z 32 balanced, in the other earbud thread:

  13. ozkan
    Ordered a blue Vido with mic and two Seahf 32s. Damn I think I'm an earbud collector too.

    I hate you guys.:smile:
  14. groucho69
    the disease has taken you over
    golov17 likes this.
  15. flamesofarctica

    Please post how you find the Seahf 32S when you get them, as I hate when I've raved about something being great, in case it's just me :-D
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