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Absolute best budget earbuds?

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  1. DBaldock9
    Here's my initial comparison of the Standard & Balanced Monk+, and the Qian25 & Qian39 - http://www.head-fi.org/t/812853/absolute-best-budget-earbuds/720#post_13339344
    As far as comfort and fit (for my ears), the Langsdom T16 comes with some plastic "J" shaped ear-hooks to hold them in, so they stay in place.
    Otherwise, the most comfortable earbuds of this comparison are the Qian39.
    The Monk+ and Qian25 have a larger housing, and aren't quite as comfortable or secure.  Wearing the cables over-the-ear does help.
    Well, there was a fair amount of time between when I last heard the Langsdom (around Christmas of 2016), and when I received the Monk+ and Qian25 (13-MAR-17) - so I'm relying on memory (is that really very wise, at my age? [​IMG] ) for this next part.
    I seem to remember that the Langsdom sounded more similar to the Qian39 - having good Bass, but not as much as the Qian25 or Espresso (Balanced) Monk+; the Midrange was clear; and the Treble was extended.  I didn't really listen to them too much, since I had bought them for my Dad.
    I'm not sure how much my Dad uses his Langsdom T16 earbuds, because I think he decided he prefers a couple of the earphones I got for him.
    As far as my tastes - I bought the Monk+ with Android controls for my phone, since the slide-type volume control on the Langsdom cable doesn't actually change the volume of the phone.
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  2. Hailin
    Finally got my TY32 from Penon, not the S version. Does anyone have any foam suggestions to tame the high mid end. Vocals are insanely sharp and fatiguing. Worse then a DT990.(Which I own and love by the way.) Bass is great but I can't concentrate on anything but those screaming frequencies. Will they tame with some burn in?
    After a ton of hours of blasting music both my Monk+s have become so smooth and great listening experiences. Monk+ and the Fiio E17 with 6 bass and 12db on gain makes it an amazing earbud.
  3. flamesofarctica

    It seems to reduce slightly with some serious amping (or maybe that just brings out the other frequencies better). But it's still a bit much for me. The S version is even worse!

    Not sure I've given it enough burn-in (I tend to just listen rather than specifically burn them in, and I haven't really given them enough play time because of the harsh upper mids).

    Despite all this, I've ordered the balanced version, just out of interest. The higher ohm TY buds don't have this issue by the way, especially 320 and above.
  4. weedophile

    Maybe u can try to put some blu tack behind the shell like this.

    For me after the mod it sound amazing. The highs were tamed, bass were more engaging and it produces a very nice ambient music. I tried to do it on the Monk+ but the mids are still recessed. That convinced me to get another TY32 to satisfy my urge of recabling lol
  5. tinkertailor
    Budget Earbud Showdown (hammered out quickly)
    Emx500 vs FAAEAL 32 ohm
    For starters, Ive listened to these both for about 2 weeks, maybe more, as my main buds. Day to day I have not noticed much difference in quality, they are both very close in overall sound quality and signature that said I think there are some differences. 
    My impression is that the FAAEAL 32 is smoother and more more spacious than the EMX500, while the EMX500 is stronger and more crisp. This , again, is a subtle distinction between the two, to the point where I think my opinion might fail on a blind listening test. If I were to go for detail and clarity i think I would pick the emx500...its a bit more..stark? perhaps faaeal is less fatigue-ing. 
    I find the faaeal to be more relaxing and smooth.
    EMX500 has a lower bass centre and feels bassier, but faaeal has a beautiful bass bounce to its sound, you know, that nice round sound when a bass note or low drum is hit, but it is not as powerful.
    On the EMX500, the lowness in sound on the African JuJu music track I’m testing as I type this on slightly muffles nearbye frequencies on EMX500 because of its dominance. The  EMX500 has crisper highs and high mids, it crackles like glass compared to faaeal like new paper (exaggerated metaphor for a subtle difference) Still, as I scrutinize the two, the faaeal feels slightly lighter, maybe a bit too strong in highs. 
    Both your basic mx500 shell. There are the slightest microphonics from the emx500 , however, and keep in mind i am extremely picky when it comes to microphincs and rejected wearing the faaeal 64 ohm for the reason the twisty cord plastic rubbed inside the earbud shelland I only find the emx500 microphonics to be the absolute minor of annoyances, and not an issue at all for. The emx500 cable is a tad stiff, not even sure if thats bad tbh. I prefer my faaeal 32 cable though, its my favourite cord ever in an earbud. It is a twisty cable covered in clear plastic. It just feels great, like it wont tangle as much, the right thicknes, length. Just feels like quality to me. Though I suppose that gold emx500 cable will appeal to some, especially first time earbud buyers who haven't owned anything that looks like that before. 
    Overall so far:
    I can’t decide which I like better, probablly as soon as i post this my mind will change. However I see them as neck and neck, and the Faaeal is cheaper, though the emx500 reviews and bass will clearly be attractive to many here. And again, I think they are both in the same ballpark, difference is about the same as monk and monk plus, yuin pk2/pk3, or grado  sr60 and sr80, perhaps even less difference to my ears.  The Emx500 is definitly one of my top buds now (see my profile for my preferences).
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  6. Adeelzero
    I own Sennheiser CX 3.00. They are pretty good for all kind of music. they are a bit boomy or fun(depends on your preferences).
    $27 on amazon. i bought those for $33 last year, Still working great even after abusing the hell out of them lol
    For a cheap plastic build, They're pretty well made :)
  7. tinkertailor
    This might be posted in the wrong thread. This is for earbuds not iems. [​IMG]
  8. Adeelzero
    Damn! I'm pretty new to this site and i'm a noob in the audio world. I guess earbuds don't feel similar to IEMs in terms of Sound, comfort and overall feel? :/
  9. CharlesRievone
    Thanks for this mate. I'm pretty satisfied (read: very happy) with my EMX500 as well.
    I think this one's definitely one of the bests in the sub-20 dollar price point and should be a must have for any earbud enthusiast.
  10. CharlesRievone

    Apples and oranges.
    Soundwise - bass is the only thing that IEMs has advantage over earbuds, at least for now. But not all of us ~needs~ big amounts of bass always anyway.
    Comfort and Feel (physical) - Earbuds provide an "open" feel while IEMs makes you feel "isolated". One is not necessarily better than the other. It's a matter of preference.
    It just so happens that this thread is dedicated for budget earbuds, so we'd like to have this thread as on topic as much as possible.
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  11. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    There is a possibility that major Audio Website can carry the inexpensive Vido: 原道耳机 earbud and ship it World Wide for under $7USD (and maybe at $4USD for certain options).
    I started a poll over at Earbuds Anonymous to see if there is enough interest for that site to stock them. You can vote multiple times for the various options. Please answer as honestly as you can, it will help get the best idea if we can move forward.
    **Also, it must be noted that if the site did end up selling them, that they would be making almost no profit at all, it is more to fill the need for Earbud Lovers.**
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  12. luedriver
    got a message about them, am too curious to pass them up, got the blue one without mic
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  13. ballog
    NiceHCK listing for Vido earbud is already live.
    @BloodyPenguin Justin could you give us a brief sound impression of the Vido and maybe a comparison with some well known earbud e.g. TY32?
    Alternatively you could point us to the link for your previous impression posts.
    Thanks in advance man.
  14. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    Here is the link without the affiliate in it to buy the Vido:  https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-NICEHCK-DIY-Earbud-In-Ear-Earphone-Earbud-Dynamic-Flat-Head-Plug-Earbud-Bass-HIFI-Earphone/32806045266.html
    I will have to put something together about the Vido, but right now I have to get the kids ready for school.
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  15. golov17
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