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Absolute best budget earbuds?

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  1. Pviktor
    Do you recommend any cables for the change?

    Vidos are better than R4YS?

    Faaeal's Snow lotus 2.0 looks really well built besides being 3x more expensive LOL
  2. seanc6441
    For you maybe the EMX500/s or RY4S.

    I don’t listen to rap but for electronic the EMX500 was pretty nice. The S version may be even nicer but you can check impressions on the earbud round up thread of that one.

    The graphene is a love hate bud. I didn’t like it much, others loved it.
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  3. seanc6441
    This is a little over budget at around $20 but is a new ‘improved yincrow x6’ called the Yincrow rw-9 with better texture/detail and more foward vocal-mids, but still the general V shaped signature as on the x6.

    Even the master himself ClieOS has rated it highly for the price! Would be perfect for Rap and electronic and most likely jazz too (assuming you like your jazz energetic in the treble like I do :)

    Definitely seems like the right choice given your description and the yincrow x6 was hugely successful as a budget bud so if this is deemed an improvement it should be a good choice!

    Last edited: May 18, 2018
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  4. Pviktor

    I think i'm going with R4YS or EMX500/s right now.
    RY4S is 5 bucks and EMX500/s are 12U$
    If i like these i'll definitely pick this RW9 as an upgrade.

  5. palestofwhite
    The RY4S are really good for the price. I have 2 of those, one with and one without mic.
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  6. voxdub
    KZ 82 strand cables are great
  7. fairx
    I'm hunting budget cable for my vido. Already ordered couple of type. The one I had is black braided, White sheathed and Kz cable. I love the black braided and regret not ordering more while they're still cheap. The sheathed one looks nice but started getting stiff from splitter up to earbuds. Reminds me of my old tomahawk. Kz is on its way.

    If you guys have any experience with good braided cheap cable please do share.
    Last edited: May 19, 2018
  8. fuzun
    I have a VE Monk+ and I like it so far but unfortunately build quality of it is not the best and it will fail in a next few weeks probably.

    At this point is there anything new that can replace the good old monk or should I buy Monk+ again or do you have another suggestion ? My budget is extremely limited for earbuds, lets say $10 incl. shipping.

    There are people suggesting "Faaeal" brand. What do you think of it?
  9. seanc6441
    Monk plus has one of the best builds under $10. Other cheap mx500 buds tends to fail more easily.

    Although with something like the $3 vido you could always buy 2 and have piece of mind that way...
  10. fuzun
    Thanks for the opinion. But what about Faaeal Iris ?
  11. seanc6441
    Sorry never heard any faael buds. I think the snow lotus 2.0 was praised but it’s a little more expensive.
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  12. noknok23
    I agree with Sean. Monk+ build is good. Some earbuds below 10usd may have better sound but they won't be as durable sadly. Unless you wait for next Ali sale, you may find some good deals... Best thing you can do is get a $1 clamshell case with another monk+/lite or stretch your budget with something in the 20/30usd range which usually have all the improvements you wish for and a case included.
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  13. tnelmo

    Just a warning about the Vido. I ordered one without a mic and it has a very strange asymmetrical cable, which I now know is called a "J" cable. The sound, in my opinion, is better than my monk plus. If I order another Vido, it will be with a mic, which I understand has the normal "Y" cable design.
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  14. seanc6441
  15. Saoshyant
    There's nothing wrong with a J cable. It may be a little odd, but I have no issue with them.
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