Absolute best budget earbuds?

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  1. Tayyab Pirzada
    Hey everyone,
    What are the absolute best budget earbuds in your opinion? For example like VE Monk.
  2. DarkZenith
    Awei ES10 : less than $4 (http://www.gearbest.com/earphones/pp_144726.html)
    Bassy and warm earbuds, with a good amount of details and a fairly large soundstage.
  3. Tayyab Pirzada
    Thanks a lot for this
  4. Tayyab Pirzada
    Is that it? Awei ES10?
  5. willywill
    The one that come with a smarphone, most people don't use it so if a family member buy a new phone ask then to give you the ear buds.
  6. zabunny94
    a $3 earbud called Vido

    and philips she3800 which cost around $3 too
  7. Danneq
    I have not listened to it yet, but just ordered two pairs: TY Hi-Z HP-32
    Apparently the maker is a friend of Lee from Venture Electronic. I read a comparison the other day between the original Monk and the TY Hi-Z HP-32 and that person prefered the TY Hi-Z HP-32 by far. The name does seem to be a negative thing. "Monk" is so much easier to remember.

    I have  tried some cheap ones but ended up trading, selling or giving them away. Except for Monk and Monk+. Now I have started to prefer Monk+ to the original Monk and I'm curious about how the TY Hi-Z HP-32 can compete against the Monk+...
  8. Tayyab Pirzada
  9. Danneq
    Golov posted a link to the comparison in the earbuds thread. Thanks to Golov I spent more money yesterday! (well, only $15.80 in total for 2 pairs...)
  10. kiler
    Has anyone made a comparison of the buds they are suggesting to the Monk? I'm curious 
  11. Danneq
  12. kiler
  13. Danneq
    I've only seen it from Penon audio. It's $1 more expensive if you order from their home page than if you order from their page on Ali express. I still ordered from their home page since you can pay with Paypal there. I had to pay $15.80 instead of $13.80 for 2 pairs including shipping. I think I can survive paying $2 extra...
  14. lynn snowduck
    I prefer the TY HI-Z 32 to the Monk+ slightly better bass and more transparency. At under four dollars the Plextone X41m are hard to beat for good bass and detailed treble
  15. Willber
    I have just received my SHE3800 and OOTB I am very impressed. I shall use them for a few days and then post a comparison with Monk+ and Hi-Z 32 on here.
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