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About to lose my EFFING MIND

  1. invrlose
    I've sent my magni back to Schiit THREE TIMES NOW. THREE times. The reason I send it back is becuase it makes a wretched infernal noise in the right ear cup. It sounds like static, when I touch the magni the sound goes way. It also creates something that sounds like interference that goes up and down in frequency.

    I have paid $100 in shipping for a $100 product to send it back to schiit THREE ******* times.
    -New USB cable(4 of them, from monoprice)
    -I have gotten a cable splitter that takes the two outputs from my Modi DAC and puts them straight into my headphones. NO interference.
    -I've tried different headphones
    -I have tried different headphone cables
    -I have tried different RCA cables from Modi>Magni
    -I have tried casting a magic spell on the magni
    -I have had other family members listen to it, they hear the noise but apparently schiit techs can't.
    -When i sent my magni back the third time I sent a very strongly worded letter saying that my magni better be functional when it returns. I am not sure if they even opened the bloody thing.
    -I have tried different wall power receptacles
    -I have tried different computers
    -I have tried different USB ports
    -My old computer did it, I built a new computer and it still does it evne with the new mobo
    -I've tried my headphones on their own in a different setup and the headphones do not produce any noise
    This is literally going to send me over the edge, I spent $500 on this setup and this WRETCHED INFERNAL NOISE won't go away.
    My setup:
    Self-built computer(ASUS Maximus Hero VI Mobo)>USB male a-b>Modi DAC>Schiit RCA cables>Wretched infernal magni>Sennheiser HD598
  2. audioops
    Demand a refund, buy alternative product.
  3. invrlose
    The thing is I've heard great reviews about the magni and it does sound good, besides the infernal wretched noise in the right ear cup. I think mine is an isolated incident
  4. audioops
    I hear what you're saying but for me the very fact that a company would even allow me to spend more of my money to ship a defective product of theirs for the THIRD time without offering me something would have lost me. I hope someone can give you a nice, cheap easy fix but I would be right out of there.
  5. invrlose
    Can you recommend the best headphone amp for me for $100... I can go up to $150 I guess. I just want to enjoy my ******* headphones, without this noise.
    I play a lot of FPS and use these headphones for them, it's very hard to listen for footsteps/sound cues when you have a static in the right earcup.
  6. Mad Max
    Sounds like some sort of grounding(?) issue + oscillation (malfunction of sorts - that "interference" that goes up and down in frequency).
    If it does not work out again, demand a refund.  I imagine that you are getting closer to spending as much on shipping back as you did on the unit when you first ordered it?
    I've got an Audio-gd amplifier/DAC/preamp unit that has yet to give out on me after five years.  Despite having upgraded since, I still use it as part of a speaker rig or the occasional gaming.
  7. audioops
    No, I'm sorry, I'm not knowledgeable enough, someone will definitely jump in and help you with that. But if not, try the amps forums.
  8. invrlose
    Are you able to suggest to me a discrete amp? I have the modi DAC from Schiit and it hasn't given me problems, so I am going to keep it and get a new amp.
  9. invrlose

    Alright thanks I'll head over to the amps section and take a look but in the meantime if anyone can suggest one, that would be great.
  10. WNBC
    Have you tried hooking up a different non-computer source like a CD player?  They clearly are not hearing the issue when they feed your amp a signal from one of their DACs or CD player.  Lets be fair.  A company like Schiit does pay attention to their customers and they are not in the habit of wasting their own time with shipping error-prone amps.  I've owned 2 Schiit amps and Jason was always quick with the email responses.  
    I'm not saying that there isn't a problem with feeding your computer audio card to the amp.  I'm saying that it is possible they are not hearing the problem because they are using a source that is not giving a problem they can hear or measure.  I'm guessing they did the proper measurements on the unit.  For example, there was one guy who owned a Decware amp and his problem was with his source but only when playing DSD files.  That's how specific the problem can be.  Crazy but these things happen.      
  11. invrlose

    I've reversed the channels from my source and the sound remains in the right ear cup, I'm pretty sure the source is not the problem.
  12. WNBC
    Maybe.  You and I probably don't know enough about circuits to rule that out based on reversing channels.  At least I can't say it is still not the source.  But still, a good thing to try.  It will provide more evidence you can present to Schiit.  At this point they should be sending you a new unit altogether to try.  3 times is was too many.  
  13. CrocCap
    Maybe a ground loop?  That can cause static or white noise sounds.  Try a usb isolator, or ive heard of taping over the ground pin on the usb end.
  14. invrlose
    I'll check around my house to see if there's anything that I can plug into that isn't a computer source.
  15. invrlose
    I tried it in a DVD player and the noise was a lot louder. Only in the right ear cup though.
    Oh my god this is rustling my jimmies

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