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About to give up on Tidal...

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by disastermouse, Mar 4, 2018.
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  1. disastermouse
    Is anyone else plagued with buffering issues with Tidal? It seems to happen more at home on my iMac than when I'm out and about, but I have a high speed connection and there's just no reason it shouldn't be able to keep up.

    If you're going to charge double what the other guy charges, besides just having better files, you need to have servers who can deliver the music, despite how popular or unpopular it is.

    Or is it just me who has these issues?
  2. torifile
    I don’t have these issues at all. Are you sure your home connection isn’t experiencing problems?

    Try running an app to help you monitor internet dropouts. This one looks decent: https://peakhourapp.com/
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2018
  3. mneveux
    I stream Tidal HiFi for hours daily with no buffering issues.
  4. azabu
    Download Roon as a free trial. There’s an anti clipping feature, that may help.

    Roon has upsampling and other features that make it worth auditioning.
  5. canthearyou
    I rarely have issues. I have the fastest internet available in my area, 25mb/s. Lol
  6. canthearyou
    When was the last time you updated the software? Don't do the 'Check for update' in the app. Uninstall from machine download latest version.
  7. disastermouse
    This is a good idea. I'll try it.
  8. remix
    For me it will usually buffer for a few seconds right after the song starts and then the rest of it plays fine but it's still annoying, especially when trying to shuffle through a playlist and land on something I feel like hearing.
  9. newtophones07
    no buffering issues on my end
  10. fufula
    Buffering was one of the issues I encountered when trialing Tidal. Deezer lossless was much faster to start playing when I simply clicked play or skipped around the track. Spotify seemed to be the quickest among the lossy streaming services (pretty much the only one that starts playing instantly). I'm guessing your mileage will vary depending on location and some services will respond faster than others.
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  11. theveterans
    Zero issues with just cellular streaming on mine. Tidal is instant with my WiFi 300 Mbps internet though
  12. Left Channel
    This is a common complaint, by some but not all Mac and Windows users, and there seems to be no clear explanation. App updates help, sometimes, but more often it appears to be Tidal's regional servers, internet backbone partners, or other stuff in the cloud. Being in an area well-served by broadband doesn't seem to matter. Tidal reps probably don't know, and probably wouldn't be allowed to tell you if they did know. All I can say is that performance here has improved since recent updates, but I don't know if that is the reason it improved, and the app still sometimes hangs between tracks.
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  13. Collusion[FIN]
    Buffering issues are very rare occurances for me. There was one time a little over year ago when I experienced repeating issues with certain content, but ever since everything has been fine.
  14. germanium
    At home on my windows 10 machine on comcast cable no problem but my poor T-Mobile connected LG V30 massive problem with buffering. I assume this is a latency issue that Tidal needs to address as both my cable & T-Mobile have massive bandwidth in my area as in excess of 150Mbit per second here. Comcast has better latency though & I have no problem on Comcast.
  15. Elecroestatico
    i been a customer of tidal for 2 yeas and maybe more. I cant even remember how many times i have contacted customer service in order to fix these buffer problems (several computers, several locations and several dacs tested to reproduce the same problems) and all i have been offered is 2 weeks of free service.
    Tidal is very frustrating to use, not only buffer and frequent stops, but its very slow to navigate thru songs and good luck if you have thousands of songs in your favorites, because when you want to open them the tidal interface will freeze and wont let you even navigate more thru the titles. Also the shuffle limitation you guys mention is a fact, and very frustrating as it will only shuffle a few songs of an entire playlist with lets say 100 songs only 30 songs will play in shuffle.

    Overall awful experience, and too many people have this problem. Just talking about streaming services not long ago here in the forums and 2 people came up with the same frustrations. The only reason why I keep my subscription is because I was not aware of Deezer, but quick browsing in their website shows lossless streaming available. Im signing for their hi fi plan 30 days free trial and if I can listen to my songs there like a normal person then I will make the switch...

    sorry tidal but I cant understand why you haven't been able to fix a software that is just supposed to stream flac files and a bunch of simple text for song titles, is not like you are developing a new videogame from scratch.
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