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About to buy Philips Fidelio X1, any suggestions before I do?

  1. butterfingazz
    Like title says, I'm about to buy a pair of Philips Fidelio X1 headphones with a V-MODA Shareplay cable, since almost every review on the X1 says that the stock cable makes it sound worse and it's only 3 dollars more than their regular 'Audio Only Cable' and I like the sharing feature, so I don't really see why not. I have a FiiO E07K for an amp since I already own a pair of high ohmage, was wondering if there's anything I should know or any suggestions you'd make before I purchase? (Just making this post because I can never be too safe.)
    P.S. I listen to a lot of house and electronic music.
  2. appsmarsterx
    since stock cable has high impedance, v-moda cable should work without any issues. I think you are good to go.
  3. Me x3

    What other headphones do you own?
    I bought the X1 along with a mediabridge cable back in January thinking I would hate the sound of the stock cable. I just burned in with the stock cable and enjoyed the sound. Paired with the c&c bh2, the X1 is my favorite hp to listen to.
  5. butterfingazz

    Only other headphones I own are DT-770 250 ohm
  6. Me x3

    Do you like them? In that case you should stongly consider DT990 250 Ohm, specially if you normally listen to high quality recordings.

    Fidelios are darker, they could be a very good pick for low quality recordings and for those looking for a more laid back sound signature.

    With the right recordings and properly amped DT990s are amazing headphones. In my experience E07K can't extract their full potential, but it can drive them just fine and give you very good sound quality.
  7. butterfingazz

    Meh, I'm sort of leaning away from amps because they're inconvenient, I was thinking about getting DT-990's but yeah, like I said don't really wanna deal with having to look into amps and all that stuff just because I know little to nothing about it and I prefer getting highest or very close to the highest quality out of my headphones without purchasing 10 different things. And I'm assuming you mean high quality as in 320kpbs, I usually grab the 320kpbs of all songs I like and put them in my iTunes but when I'm just relaxing and playing games I only listen to music on YouTube using either my playlist or a mix.
  8. Me x3
    I understand... In that case, Fidelios X1 seem to be a safe pick!
    If you want an alternative you may find SoundMagic HP200 pretty interesting.
    Based mostly on reviews and some measurements, HP200s seem to be more balanced overall, with lively treble, while Fidelios are darker, with a mid-bass emphasis and soft (but not as detailed/airy) treble response.
    In terms of build quality, both are very good.
    With high quality recordings I mean music without many flaws, preferably uncompressed tracks with wide dynamic range, and some other technicalities.
    File quality (good transcodes, bad transocdes, mp3, flac files, etc) is also an important link of the sound quality chain, in my experience good transcodes 320Kbps Mp3 are good enough to forget about this link and focus on recording/mastering quality.
    Best Luck!
  9. butterfingazz

    Okay thanks for the help, thinking I'll stick to X1's because a lot of reviews say they have good bass even though they're open.
    I also had another question if you see this, I was looking at V-MODA XS's for traveling use and was wondering if you knew of any other fairly small, closed portable headphones that block sound well similar to them that I should consider (don't have to be on ear), like I said at the very start of the thread I mainly just listen to electronic music, and I heard XS's are optimized for electronic genre or something to that extent.
  10. Me x3
    You should also consider Philips Fidelio M1 (On-Ear - Closed back). Built quality is very good as the rest of the Fidelios. I've found them very comfortable despite being on-ear (comfort is pretty personal) and they provide more isolation than most other closed back headphones I've tried.
    In terms of sound signature M1s also have a mid bass emphasis and softened treble response.
    (I only own M1 and L1)

    I guess M1s have a tad more bass (specially sub-bass) and a tad less treble in comparison with X1s.
    X1s surely provide a better sense of space and better overall sound quality (not a fair comparison anyway)
    I'm sure those headphones (M1 and X1) would look pretty good together.
  11. butterfingazz
    They're a lot cheaper than XS's but just don't have that many features, also they seem more like they're made for more laid back music.
  12. moshin29
     I couldn't agree more with you. I also own the DT990 Pro and the E07K, and the latter drives these headphones just fine. I've got the gain on 12 and listen at volume 40. It gets pretty loud at that point. I also have the schiit vali and while it softens the treble of the DT990, there's not much of a difference after all between the vali and the E07K. 
    I should point out that i listen to electronic music too, mainly trance, and the DT990s are just the perfect headphone for this genre.  The OP should definitely consider them, if he hasn't already got the X1.
    As for portable headphones, i recently bought the Audio technica ATH-WS99 but haven't got my hands on them yet. Hoping to compare them to my ATH-M50 soon. :wink:
    Anyway, cheers :)
  13. butterfingazz
    Already ordered v-moda xs and X1's, I appreciate the suggestion though.

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