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Jun 10, 2020
Hello im using phone as DAP redmi note 8 pro Mediatek miui 11 android,..Im just confuse about this DAC dongle when i plug it into type c port with plug extension earbuds emx500 the dongle in the App Poweramp doesnt read the DAC settings as Odssey HD as it only show 3.5 headphone Adapter, then as i look other reviews this DAC plug in type c it reads as Odyssey HD by VE.....and as i notice the dac reads as 3.5 headphone adapter it confuse me coz sampling bit is only 24bit......it doesnt really give too much loud at first when this arrived last day the dac chip dongle sounds good it increases the soundness not to much clarity as i heard some sort of hissing when i roll it to max volume there is some distortion. of course playing a flac...is this just a problem of the updates of from last may version? thanks for reading sorry for my english im just new in this world of audiophile enthusiast. thanks hoping for good feedbacks cheers 🙂

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