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AAW Capri Balanced Lightning Audio Cable, with Type-C variant

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by wkwlb, Dec 9, 2016.
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  1. wkwlb
    I hesitated whether this should belong to the cable forum, portable source forum or the amplifier forum. It seems to be all of them, but I guess anywhere should be fine.

    Piling on the success of the Accessport, Capri is AAW's latest offering for iPhone music application. Designed to achieve Hi-Res music on-the-go and stay uncompromised on sound quality and mobility. We prefer to avoid the bulk of carrying amp stack or navigating through some awkwardly designed UI and laggy OS on digital audio players.

    Without internal battery, storage, screen, complex operating system software, Capri uses your iPhone for these non-audio related functions and really focus on the sound design while lowering the overall cost. Therefore we can deliver sound quality which usually costs a few hundred dollars at a fraction of the price tag. Here comes Capri, barely bigger than the footprint of a traditional analog IEM cable, it brings an entirely new breed of portable audio experience on the table!

    Capri Balanced Lightning Audio Cable

    1. Lightning Connection Enabled
    2. 24bit High Resolution Playback
    3. Direct Balanced Output(L+L-R+R-)
    4. Support 2Pin, MMCX and more
    5. High Purity OCC Copper Wiring
    6. Full Phone Call/Remote/Siri Functions
    7. iOS app with firmware updates
    8. Official MFI Approved

    [​IMG] SOUND


    Featuring AAW's advanced acoustic designs, Capri offers 24bit high resolution digital conversion. Balanced DAC/HPA offers differential audio signal with up to 128mw output power to feed the most demanding earphones. Carefully designed audio signal path and premium grade electronic components meet the most strict interference elimination requirement and keeps an ultra low output impedance.



    For existing branded IEMs, Capri digital cable offers 2Pin and MMCX. 2Pin connectors are in 0.78mm size, MMCX on the other hand fits universal IEMs from most major brands. The angled design offers the most ergonomic cable entry angle for the best wearing experience. Capri is connected to iPhone 7/7 Plus via the Lightning connector and has retrospective compatibility up to iOS 7.2 and above.

    [​IMG] CABLE

    Both the analog and digital cables on Capri are constructed with 99.9997% purity OCC copper wires, supplied by our long time partner, cable specialist Null Audio. It is of excellent conductivity property and offer very low impedance to ensure obstruction free transportation of both the analog and digital signals. The digital cable connecting the Lightning connector and the control capsule is additionally shielded for maximum protection and to repel EMI interference. Leading into the IEM connector, Capri offers formable memory wire with over-the-ear configuration to keep a secure fit.


    Capri’s control capsule is equipped with a tri-button array, it mirrors the operation of a typical inline remote control with support of volume adjustment, next/previous tracks, answer/end phone call, call up Siri. Capri has high sensitivity microphone and 24bit/48kHz ADC circuitry built-in the control capsule and supports normal/conference phone calls, Siri or any iOS apps which utilise microphone functions. Noise filtering design ensures crystal clear call quality.


    Capri is official MFI approved and utilised Apple’s authorised chipset and Lightning connectors. Its firmware is updatable through its matching iOS app. It is important that Capri’s functionality is uncompromised along with Apple’s future iOS development. Whenever Apple rolls out newer iOS update, Capri will remain in full force and 100% compatible with future protocol changes.

    It is available on Indiegogo and stock arriving early next year.
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  2. wkwlb
    Updated IG Links
  3. fearlessleader
    Where would I please find info on the IEMs that you're offering with the Capri?
    (and is this going to be the same DAC etc as in the Accessport?)
  4. wkwlb
    IEM info is listed on the campaign page.
    The DAC is completely different, this DAC/HPA supports native balanced signal output and higher output power and it is purposedly chosen for Capri.
  5. fearlessleader

    Thank much.
    I saw what was on the IGG page, but was hoping for more info. I'm trying to decide between capri with IEM, vs accessport with my existing hardwired cables.
    Completely different DAC? Which is better, Capri or Accessport? What are the main differences?
  6. wkwlb
    Get both maybe? hahaha
    Accessport will have more powerful DSP functions such as EQ and potential for future function implementations, also with charging considered.
    Capri on the other hand is purely gunning for acoustic performance, the balanced DAC has no DSP. Also depending on the form factor, which one you prefer.
    The Capri IEM is a good add-on, construction wise it is very close to our A1D CIEM but with a different beryllium driver. 
  7. fearlessleader
    Here's all that's on the IGG site... I really would like to know SOME more:
    Capri In-Ear Monitor

    1. 8.2mm Beryllium Full Range Diaphragm
    2. Neodymium Magnet Micro Driver
    3. Interchangeable Nozzle with 3 sound settings
    4. Recessed 2Pin Connectivity
    5. Carbon Fibre Faceplate with Engineering Thermoplastic Shell. 

  8. DGG32
    What android phones will the Capri be able to work with? I'm interested in the cable but i have trouble getting any dac/amps to work with my LG v20 without the use of any third party apps which is a problem since none actually support spotify.
  9. fearlessleader
    Well, I guess I'll give it a try. Hoping that I can change from 1.2 to 1.5 M cable if I change my mind. Just not sure, but if I'm going to do it I dang well better get the lowest price.
  10. thebrain
    Backed! Very excited to get this!
  11. eldss
    So on the video for the Capri cable on the Indiegogo page, it appears that the app includes an equalizer. Is this the case, or was it only for visuals? Will the app be the same for both products? By the way, an equalizer would be great, as one thing the iphone really is terrible at is the included EQ with Apple Music/iTunes which is pretty much worthless and the presets are just terrible. 
  12. karloil
    Please check your Paypal checkout option. I tried several times to Checkout and pay via Paypal but I get rejected all the time. (I "might" get charged several times and i'm just letting you know so that "if" that happens - we can do something about it)
    Anyway, ended paying via CC instead. Backed this project and now the long wait begins...
  13. doggiemom

    Ugh, I ended up getting both.  [​IMG]  I really like the cable-only design of the Capri, but that also means I couldn't use many of the earphones in my collection.......  In the end, I figured that the prices for these products are comparable to buying another CCK from Apple (which I was going to do anyway, as I never seem to have enough between home and work), so oh well.  [​IMG]
  14. lostman
    Type-C as in USB Type-C? I'd love to get a cable that I could use with my laptop.
  15. adonissk
    Backed! There is a real need for this, very excited to get it!
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