Aaarrghhhh, lost in my options :(
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May 30, 2009
Cliffs: iPhone, metal music, need punchy bass, a way to instantly silence the music, modular cord to ease replacement, budget <200$ need to be better than skullcandy fmj's

Hi, this is my very first post on this forum that i found while looking for an upgrade after my *shrug* skullcandy FMJ's *shrug* broke. Obviously i have given the search function a hard time over the past several days and i am now truly lost. I also know most of you think the SkullCandy iems are plain rubbish, which reassured me not to buy another set of those again.

Anyway, i'm mostly into metal and therefore the IEM's need to be able to deliver a little punch basswise. Apparently i was missing a lot of detail in my music aswell with my skullcandy iems so a new set should atleast do a little better in that department aswell.

Budget, i'm aware that quality comes at a price and i'm willing to pay a little more. However i don't want to break the bank at this time and have my budget set around 150 euro's. Basically anything up to 200 dollars.

Other than the fact that i mostly listen to metal, i do have a few other things that need to be addressed. First of all, i'm using a first gen iPhone so it'd be great if the connector would fit out of the box. Second, i need some sort of way to instantly silence the iems without plucking them out of my ears. A button or volumeknob/wheel would be great. Third, a modular cable. If i somehow manage to internally break the cable again right above the connector i want to be able to replace a section of the cable without touching a solderingiron. My iPhone mostly lives in the pocket of my jeans which will eventually break a cable near the connector.

So far i have been looking at a couple of iems. Mostly at Shure's and Ultimate Ears.

The Shure se-102/110/210/310 were all lacking the punchy bass department as far as i could tell from several reviews on here and on ilounge and some other websites. The 420 and 530 are a "bit" above my budget. Although i have seen a couple of interesting se530 pth items on ebay they are still a bit above my budget. The PTH thing does look pretty interesting.

I've also been looking at Ultimate Ears Superfi series, but they either don't have any means to silence the music instantly from the cord/cable or don't have modular/replaceable cables.

The Nuforce ne-7m and ne-8, which are almost praised to heaven and back aren't modular either.

I know i've put a large piece of text here, that's why i put the cliffs up top

Thanks for any help in advance.

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Since you are in Europe, look around for a shop that let's you try the Sennheiser IE6/7/8 series.
IE8 would be quite fitting (you do have to buy a iphone adapter)
modular cable that's hard hard to break
great bass (gets tighter as the hours goes on)
sturdy as hell (just don't step on them, doubt any IEM can handle 100+ lb)
It got enough detail while keeping a sense of unity
You don't actually have to toggle mute since it doesn't isolate well in the first place
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Well, the problem with the need to toggle mute is that most of the time i'm also wearing hearingprotection as part of a helmet by peltor. Those things already isolate a lot and with those things on, it's not really simple to pull off your helmet, hearing protection and iems if someone wants to ask or tell you something. That's why i liked the idea of shure's PTH so much.

I haven't found any place with the IE6/7/8 yet. And most places are pretty anal about them. They will not let you test them if you aren't going to buy them rightaway, which is why i'm doing so much research on the net

Thanks for the idea though
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The C751 is quite pricey in europe. Or at least in the netherlands or germany. Quick search gave me an estimate of 199 euros. They do look interesting, but i take it you use it with comply tips ?
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Wow. It is amazing how much price difference there is in that shop and shops in the netherlands or germany. Most prices are about 40% lower

Thanks for the tip on the tips btw
Hadn't looked in the for sale section yet, but even SE530/E500 sets are suddenly within reach. Though i'll have to look into their soundsignature first, it certainly tickled me to do some searching in there too
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Originally Posted by mark2410 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
denon c751 (or c551 but ive not heard it) could be what you want. modular cables, punchy bass

Erm, Mark, I don't think the Denon C751 cables are modular.
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Any other IEMs ? I like having options
Sofar i'm comparing the denon's and IE7's. In the FS section are a couple of other phones within reach, although i'm not entirely comfortable with buying used iems. I mean, my skullcandy's are just plain dirty. Anything i should do if i were to buy some secondhand ?

I've also been looking at some triplefi's in the FS section, would those be good for metal ?
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Originally Posted by mark2410 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
triples could be a bit much treble but they are still top tier IEM's they will spank most things quite thoroughly


Tho personally I find TF treble really nice & not too OTT/glary as I sometimes find ER-4.
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Hi guys! Just registered my account, i have been lurking these forums for two years now and it was finally time to do the right thing; join the crowd!

I've got a few questions of my own in the same topic as the op. I happen to live in Sweden were everything is ridiculously expensive.. take the Monster Turbine's as an example: 1800SEK = $240.. excl shipping.

I'm thinking of buying a pair of new IEMs from the shop mark posted but I'm not totally sure what to get =/.

I've had Shure e2c's, Sony MDR-D66SL Eggos and a few d-Jays (all broke) and I mainly listen to house, tech-house, techno and minimal because it's a part of my job (prod/dj). The earpieces are for personal use (computer and mp3), mostly when I'm out..

I'm at the moment looking at:
Denon C751
Ety ER6i and HF5
Sennheiser IE7
Super fi 5 EB (because of the replaceable cables)

I've got my eyes on the Denons because they are friendly on my wallet but I'm also interested in the UE 5's..

Any suggestions, thoughts, opinions?

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