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A900s for sale

  1. donaldekelly Contributor
    (If this ad looks familiar it is because I found one that said what I wanted to say and I copied it with minor changes.)

    AudioTechnica A900 for SOLD

    A little dust on them, maybe a scratch or two - but when I looked all I found were slight things that rubbed off. I'm selling it because I rarely use it. No defects, 100% functionality guaranteed.

    Pictures below...

    Blutak mod has been done to tighten and lessen its bass.

    $SOLD + whatever shipping cost to the destination.

    I ship worldwide if you can bear the increased shipping cost.

    I'm located in US (Washington DC).


    I have feedback here and on ebay and on amazon as "donaldekelly"

    I do not have the box. I will add the thing that will make it fit either large or small headphone jack hole.


    What is Blu-tak MOD?
    "I'll explain further. It's a mod that is doable to any closed headphone; you layer the interior of the enclosure with a thin, even layer of blue tack (sticky tack) and also attach a precisely cut piece of foam to the driver's magnet. The purpose is multifaceted; first, it deadens resonance that might otherwise occur. Second, it retunes the enclosure to have less air, resulting in slightly lessened very low bass response but hightened midbass and midrange response. Third, the foam kills standing waves.

    It's a pretty neat modification, and I, too, would like to see the pictures of how it was done on Audio Technica A900, though I've no interest in doing it myself. The HD280-pro is another headphone which supposedly benefits greatly from this treatment."


    ((Dkelly's note - By the way - I did this mod to both the HD280 and the A900. It seemed to tighten up the too overpowering bass in the A900 but brought out the mid bass in the HD280. This was what the original poster about the mod said would happen. But this is just my opinion, others hear it differently.))
  2. donaldekelly Contributor
    After further looking, I don't see any scratches on the headphones, by the way.

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