A47 problem
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Jan 14, 2007
I've been redesigning an A47 amp into a PCB for the past few months, and today i finally got done soldiering all my components. After looking over the connections, i fired it up. all i got was a hiss regardless of the switch position.

I'm starting to think it could be in my TLE2426P tracing, or the BUF634T, or a combination, but if that was the case the hissing would only occur if the switch was turned on, correct?

Thanks in advance for anybody that can double check my work on the trace for me.


trace (mirrored)



-schematic and wiring (i actually used a different drawing for reference but cannot find it)
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found one problem in the caps, the one pictured on the left was reversed
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do you have a multimeter? if not, get one. then check if the tle really splits the voltage like it should, and then remove the opamps and directly test the voltage supply pins on the opamp socket.
also, check how much ampere your amp draws, and compare it with the sum of the idle current draws of the two opamps, tle, and buf634 together. that should help to isolate your problem - maybe bad power supply, maybe oscillation etc...

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