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A Worthy replacement for MDR-V6/7506

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by krnnamedjason, Mar 14, 2005.
  1. Krnnamedjason
    I've owned the 7506 for a while and I was wondering if there was a closed headphone on the market that is worthy of replacing the 7506s without being prohibitively expensive (200ish would be my max).

    I've heard many good things about the ATH-A900. Would they be worth the $200 in terms of sound quality compared to the 7506? Thanks in advance.

    (btw, I listen at home mostly. The 7506 is discreet enough to take outside I guess, can't say the same for the A900. I also have a standard CMoy amp that I drive the 7506 with)
  2. psyco1
    If you like the sound of the V6, then maybe the Beyerdynamic DT 770-80 might be up your alley. It has pretty much all the bass of the V6 and more, the highs aren't quite as sibilant, more isolation and much better soundstaging and imaging.
    It's not as easy to drive as the V6, though. The cmoy should get it going well enough, but a stonger amp would let the bass flap your ears.
  3. spike33
    sennheiser hd215 is perfect for you!
  4. PFRfan
    I'll second the DT770-80 recommendation. I went from my 7506s to the DT770s and was extremely impressed. There's more bass, the midrange is much cleaner, and the high-end doesn't hurt anymore! The only complaint was that at first, it seemed the bass was so strong that it overpowered the mids & highs. But after listening for a little while I adjusted to it (or the phones burned in - I have my doubts), and I find that it's pretty much exactly what I want.

    I compared it against some HD-595s (50ohm) and Grado 225s. To me, everything that the Grado did well (cripness, bass), the Beyers did better. I really don't know why someone would want those things considering the other alternatives. The 595s were great. So good that I basically couldn't decide which I would keep. When it was all said and done, I think they're basically the same level of headphone, with the Beyers having a little more accent on the bass & highs, while the Senns were more mid focused. Since I needed some closed cans for recording, and since the open phones were not nearly open enough to actually let me hear my wife trying to talk to me, I kept the Beyers.

    To me, the 770s are like a souped-up 7506.
  5. kramer5150
    If you like the sound of the V6, the DT770-80 is a great upgrade... in a nutshell its more of everything: image/depth, bass impact, clarity, midrange smoothness. IMHO the DT mids are not as harsh as the V6.

  6. kramer5150
    If youre the DIY type you can breathe new life into those MDRV6 drivers by mounting them in a Maxell HP2000. The earcup is 2-3 times as much air volume as the V6 enclosure, bass REALLY extends and still packs the whallop. Gives my DT770 a serious run for the money. Mids are not as harsh as a stock V6 too. Like this....




    One of my better mods, and the bass extends so low. I also modded the headband. A cable upgrade is next. You can get the HP2000 for well under $20 shipped on ebay. Got mine for $12.

    I mounted KSC75 drivers in my other V6 can and was a little underwhelmed... Nothing more than a closed UR40... IMHO... like this...

  7. gshan Contributor
    kramer5150: Are those velour pads on the Maxell HP2000's? If so, I'm interested in doing some modding wtih them too. Just like you said, extremely cheap on ebay.
  8. kramer5150

    Originally Posted by gshan
    kramer5150: Are those velour pads on the Maxell HP2000's? If so, I'm interested in doing some modding wtih them too. Just like you said, extremely cheap on ebay.

    Hmm... I really dont know. Its not as... uh... silky - slick feeling as my DT770 pads. So I cant say technically if it is velour. But it is soft fabric, a little firmer foam padding than my DT770. Still very comfey IMHO. IMHO the pads alone are worth the price.

    My camera flash makes it look worse than it is. The pads are dark black, and the earcups are dark grey (not green).

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