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A worthy Monoprice 8320 iem upgrade?

  1. stillshot2
    Is there anyone who has tried the Monoprice 8320 iems, that can recommend a good upgrade with a similar sound signature? I have tried quite a bit of budget phones (including some circumaural headphones as well as a variety of earbuds) but find I like in ear monitors because they block outside noise, aren't bulky, and with the right fit can be very comfortable, especially when wearing glasses. I am satisfied with the 8320's and think they are well balanced and rather detailed; and I like the amount of soundstage.
    The biggest con is that these are not very comfortable (the 14.2mm driver's plastic enclosure is way too big and fits too tightly in my ear). I've even tried sanding them down around the rough edges as some other people have done, but to no avail after everything I've tried they still kill my ears comfort-wise after 30 min. or more of listening. I am usually sitting still at the computer when I listen, but would still like something durable that's not going to short out on me and is possibly more refined than the 8320's in comfort and sound quality, and preferably not exceeding $100.
    I'm no expert in describing sound, but I will try in that I like clarity and detail, good separation of instruments, and I like vocals/instruments to sound the way they should in person. I listen to many genres of music, so the iem's need to be good with almost everything. I also like balanced, tight and accurate bass (not boomy and bleeding into midrange) that can extend nice and low without straining and give a solid foundation to the music. I've considered shure se-215 (but hear they break easily), or klipsch s4's (which some say are better than the 8320's) so I'm open for suggestions...
  2. TwinQY
    Maybe the RE0 from the sound description, but the build sucks. E30s are worth looking at as well. I think there's the new VC02, and from the looks of reviews, the sound signature is might be what you're looking for, you should ask one of the new owners on the thread. There's also the tried and true HF5 if you can stretch that budget to the max. Build and fit aren't much to worry about.
  3. glove4
    Meelectronics A151 sounds like a good match.
  4. Gilly87
    I'd check out Shure SE215, not an enormous jump in sq but noticeable, especially in terms of presentation and and bass tightness, though its a little bit darker I think. Great mids, too. Its also on the larger side of things but not nearly so much as the 8320. Built like a tank and awesome replaceable cables, too; the problems with connectors were fixed after early batches so you're fine as long as you buy new.
  5. powasky
    I'm kind of in the same place.  Was awed by the 9927/8320 and wanted something more comfortable.  Gave GR07ii a shot, as well as RHA's MA750.  Sold the GR07ii and am trading the MA750 for EPH-100.  We'll see how that goes.  
    Honestly, I would say you should pick up a pair of Monster Turbine Pro Copper (MTPC).  They're awesome phones and you can find them for less than $100 in the FS/FT forum...and they sold for something absurd when new and popular, like $400.  Give them a shot.  If you don't like them, I'll buy them from you.
  6. TekeRugburn

    Mtpc rarely go for under a hundred. Golds do sometimes but rarely the coppers. The coppers were refurbished from monster for a little over 100
  7. Gilly87
    EPH100 is another good one as an upgrade from 8320, it's a step up from 215s as well.
  8. stillshot2
    Thanks for the replies! I've always been curious to try the eph100's, but ended up settling for full size cans despite the fact they mess up your hair pretty bad. I've put a lot of hours on some Sony MDR-V6's that I've had for 6 months now, and not only do they kill the Monoprice's in sound quality I so far have not felt any desire to upgrade to anything after a few mods I did to them. (Ok, I was curoius to try some Grados, but decided the isolation would be non existant!). They V6's isolate pretty well, and they have the realistic and detailed sound I was looking for. However, does anyone know how the eph-100's compare the the V6's?
  9. Gilly87
    The EPH100 is definitely a warmer, bassier sound. If you like the V6, maybe give the GR07 a shot.
  10. bjmayo523
    If you want to stay with Monoprice, I would give the 9398s a try.  These are my personal everyday buds and they sound great to me.  I am new to head-fi, but from my experience, they have great clarity and the bass is not boomy at all, but very present.  My sources are my Galaxy Note 3 (seems pretty hard to drive them since I have to max out the volume to be able to get the volume where I want it) and my laptop/desktop and a Fiio E10 (sounds amazing and its super clear at low gain and never going past 3).  I also listen to a wide variety of music and unless everything is super detailed.  Very little coloration to my ears.  The drivers are also 8mm so that may help with the size issue you have been having with your 8320s.  The only problem I have with them is that the tips are way too flimsy.  The large gives me a proper seal, but is very uncomfortable.  While the medium has zero seal and they fall out easily.  But that is my ears and you may have different results.
    At 12 bucks each... why not.  I loved the first pair so much that I bought 3 more right afterward.
  11. yoyogross
    I have the mdr v6 and also find them to be great, I just rercently purchased the astrotec am90 while they are what you describe you want a with tight punchy bass they dont have any bass response compared to the sonys which are v shaped The am90 sound similiar to the a151 rules those out too  so that if you want clarity for 40 bucks go for the am90 or follow jokers recommendation and get the vsonics vsds which supposebly sound amazing for the prics 

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