A Strange Semi-Vintage RS-1: Now with Pics
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Originally Posted by Wildsurfer /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Oh so I'm not the only one with this strange box

I have a semi-vintage mspro, very dark wood, exactly the same packaging but silver lettering, I guess that's another version ! I compared it to a recent mspro, the sound is more balanced, without the usual coloration in the low mids.

Some pics (mark_h's pics who it bought it from):




That's Beautiful! Looks like our headphones are brothers, or something. I'd be willing to wager that this is one of the first MSpros!
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Hehe yeah I find them gorgeous, too bad comfort is not that great

If the sound of the vintage rs1 is actually more balanced than the new ones, it would be interesting to compare your headphones to mine, they may sound very similar...

Also, if you look at the V3 cable pics for the rs1 on Apuresound's website, the first looks really like mine and yours (except that the button has been removed and the grill has been changed).
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Originally Posted by uberburger101 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Wow, now THAT is a gorgeous pair of MS-Pros. I always wondered why Grado made all their newer models with lighter wood.

Yeah, I don't like the lighter RS1 / MSPros that much.

I much prefer a color ranging from reddish to chocolate.
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Reading this thread made me remember something about my RS1s when i got them, the cheese cloth was mostly black (ish) but it lightened in a couple of places, which made me think that they were originally white and just turned dark with use. When grado replaced the cable they also put new white cloths on, which stay white where the holes are, but go black where they are backed with the plastic.

My guess is that the newer cloth is more resistant to the oils in the skin, and the old one more porus so it sucked it up more readily.

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