A short presentation of the v-Jays
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Sep 20, 2008
Jays v-Jays


RRP £59.99

Build quality is very good.
The cabling is modular with a length of 60 cm/23.5 in and a /70 cm/27.5 in extension, the cable is soft and has a nice quality feeling to it. Accessory pack consists of two spare ear cushions. Nothing more than the absolute neccesity, but there really isn’t any need for more, even if a pouch of some sort would have been nice to include.

The v-Jays = comfort.
They are extremely light at 59g, the headband has two joints and adjusting sliders which allows them to be folded for transport and storage. The ear cushions/speaker units are mounted with ball joints to ensure the best comfort to your ears.

How about the sound?
To describe the v-Jays sound in one word, fun! They have a powerful sound with a wide soundstage and good detail. The low end is meaty and can punch hard when needed, the mids are quite laidback but still natural sounding precense, the highs are bright and expansive. Compared to the old master in class, the PortaPro, I’d opt for the v-Jays every time.

To sum up.
The sound they produce is engaging and fun, designwise they look really nice, build quality is very good, they are light to wear and the comfort is absolutely top class.
The main drawback is the lack of an accessory pouch and it can be hard to tell left from right due to the styled marking on the inner side of the headband.

I do highly recommend the v-Jays, they bring the fun into music.
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I thought v-JAYS is meant to be c-JAYS' little brother ( £57.97 vs. £77.97)? I am more interested in a PX100 kind of comparison.
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Haven't got the c-Jays, but it could be a interesting match up.


Probably more of a fair comparison with px100, Koss (s)portapro and the likes. As said, I do prefer these to the portapro's.
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I must have missed the ball here. v-jays? I loved the c-jays, very well built slim and simple headphones with sound that far excels the usual suspects. the only question is; where can i buy them?

ah, v-JAYS Headphones - Lightweight Portable and Extremely Powerful - Black

I was going to try and get my hands on the zino's to compare with the HFI-15g, and iCans, but ultrasone don't do the Zino's in the UK (boo hiss) and so I'll turn my attentions to these instead. won't be a hardship, the c-jays rock! got to get rid of some gear first though!
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If you are 5"9' will the 60 cm cable long enough if you put the player in your jeans' pocket? I mean where to start to count the 60 cm from? From the ears or from the neck?
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Nope :) They come with an extension. Modular cable so if you want short for armband/exercise use or add the extension to put lower such as in jeans pockets/player clipped to the belt and such.

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