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A shootout between the Susvara and the Arya

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Tekunda, Mar 10, 2019.
  1. Tekunda
    Yesterday I had the chance to compare the Susvara and the Arya, powered by a Niimbus US4 amp.
    Since English is not my mothertongue and I am therefore lacking the necessary eloquence to write up an in depth review, I will just give you a short overview of my findings.
    The Susvara is indeed a very musical headphone with great resolution and soundstage. You will be able to hear the finest details, crystal clear treble and sufficiently good bass qualities. I must admit I really enjoyed these headphones.
    The Arya were next and to make a long story short, I felt the Arya were very close to the Susvara, but they did not have the fine resolution, the crystal clear mids and treble of the Susvara. Inmho the Arya are the Susvara minus 20%.
    But the Arya displayed a certain quality the Susvara were lacking.
    The Arya gave the music a more bodily touch, a stronger presence, more musical power.
    You could really hear that the Susvara were lacking this body, when the kettledrums in Bruckner's ninth symphony started to sound.
    Compared to the Arya, the Susvara sounded thinner, the satisfying "ooomp" you can expect from such a big drum was kind of lacking. The perfect headphone for me would be a melange between the Susvara and the Arya. The ability of the Susvara to paint every single musical detail combined with the stronger musical strength or body of the Arya.
    The next headphones on my list to audition will be the Final D8000 and the Hifiman HE1000 se.
    Maybe one of those will display the qualities of both the Susvara and the Arya combined in one headphone.
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  2. chimney189
    I'm looking forward to your findings!
  3. Tekunda
    I just spoke on the phone to the German importer of Final Audio, since I couldn't find a dealer who carries the D8000 in the Duisburg/Duesseldorf area here in Germany.
    So they called me back an hour later to let me know, that they will supply a local hifi shop with the D8000 for me to audition. The headphones will be ready by Thursday.
    So as soon as I will have auditioned them, I will be back with my findings. I think that Final must value its customers, the way they handled my request.
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  4. Thenewguy007
    That's great to hear., at least Final Audio seems to cater to its customers

    Good luck getting most manufacturers to send a demo unit at a local shop for someone to audition. You'd be lucky to get a email response from them saying no.
  5. tunes
    Have you compared the HEKse to the SUSVARA yet? Very interested in that comparison!
  6. Tekunda
    I have indeed, but I will give you a - what I think - unbiased opinion directly from the Munich highend show.
    I was visiting the Hifiman room, where they had next to their other hp the Susvara and the He 1000 se. I was waiting for my turn to audition both headphones. A young guy, about 25, (so he had young ears) was next in line and he spent about 15 minutes with both headphones, switching frequently between the two.
    Once he was done he looked at me disappointed and remarked: "I can't hear much difference".
    I think it is indeed very difficult to truly audition headphones at a noisy trade show and this in a very limited amount of time.
    My impression was, that the Susvara had a more musical touch to it, it sounded more refined, but like the young guy, I had difficulties to really experience the finer details, which, according to many, set these headphones apart.
    Had I have to soley make a buying decision based on my 15 minutes in Munich with these two headphones, I probably would have gone with the HE1000se, because I was not hearing enough sonic improvements with the Susvara, to justify its double a price.
    BTW, the same applies to trying to audition headphones in a dealer (store) environment, if you ask me.
    The best way to audition headphones is to work out a deal with a store, where a deposit is payed and you are allowed to take the headphone home for a week or so.
    I was recently able to do just that with a Final Audio D8000 and the impressions after a week of home auditioning were much more satisfying than the first audition I had in the dealer's store.
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
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  7. mixman
    I did hear both at CanJam and yes you are right it is difficult to clearly hear the differences at a noisy event. I did however hear some differences. The Susvara is more accurate and it's imaging is a lot more 3D than the SE. The Susvara is as you noted in your earlier comparison, thinner sounding and somewhat lacking in body. Now, many owners would say you really need either a very powerful headamp or better yet, a good speaker amp to get the most out of the Susvara and that way you will get that more full bodied sound.
  8. Matez
    I don't know about the SE, but Susvara to my ears was slimmer than HE-1000v2. Other than this, the former is a way better sounding product; more even, articulate, open, neutral and faster. I never bothered compering the two at a show, but I had both in my workshop for weeks and recently I purchased Susvara. It needs a lot to get going but gives a lot in return.
  9. tunes
    What amp are you using to drive it?
  10. tunes
    If you had unlimited funds which amp is the most transparent with DAVE/HMS/Susvara and drives Susvara with enough power to really bring it to its max potential?
  11. Matez
    There's no simple answer to this question, each of us defines 'max. potential' differently. First of all, a great DAC is mandatory, it's quite ridiculous how much of an impact on sound it has. As for amp, transparency to my ears would arrive with something based on transistors and inherently quick, like Kinki EX-M1 or JOB... or to go even pricier perhaps one of Goldmund or Bakoon products, of course meant for speakers.

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