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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. KittySneeze
    In the seemingly never-ending chase to find the ideal tips for my shure 846, I decided to use the core of the Shure olives as the sleeve to accommodate the larger bore Symbios. Early impressions are really favorable.

    I can post pictures later if anyone is interested.
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  2. garcsa
    KittySneeze likes this.
  3. KittySneeze
  4. trumpethead
    Thanks I just placed an order at this site today.. Looking forward to experiencing. The Symbio Ws!
  5. dmkbox
    Any discount available right now?
  6. garcsa
    Yes, check my signature please.
  7. Spie1904
    Initially I just tried to shove them in my ear with Andromeda and I came to the conclusion that it felt uncomfortable.
    Then I remembered with comply i always correctly compressed them before inserting.
    I don't know why I assumed that wasn't necessary with these (silicone tips I guess) but while it doesn't show, it does compress.
    I've since compressed them properly and these give me the most consistent / secure fit with the Andromeda.
  8. garcsa
    Yes, there is a note in item description: "Read the manual please", but seems it will be useful to attach a manual in package. Thanks.
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