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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. episiarch Contributor
    Thanks for the comparison. By the numbers, I should be just as happy with Symbio W L as with Final E LL. Yet the Finals seal my ear quite well, while the Symbios unfortunately just do not. (Unless you've changed size of your L in the last couple of years. But I don't think you have, right?)
  2. garcsa
    I'm glad you did find eartips which fits your ear canals.
    episiarch likes this.
  3. mwhals
    How long does it typically take for an order to reach the Mid East Coast of the USA?
  4. broopa
    Took about 10 days to get to me in FL.
  5. mwhals
    Thanks. I should get them this week then. They were processed on October 16th.
  6. productred
    Do not just think about size. The Finals are a bit more bulbous and the material is a tiny bit more grippy - its serves one great if you tends to push your tips all the way in until you can't push it any further. The symbios are widest at the foot and the material are harder - shape and hardness are two qualities one must bear in mind in working with a certain type of tips. Try not to push your symbios all the way in like your finals - instead leave it shallow and stop pushing when you can feel the widest part entering / touching the entrance of your ear canal. Hold it there for a short while to let the foam expand helps too.

    For me L size work best - and is what I'm using with my various iems - but I crave for something between M and L from Symbio to be my endgame tips.
    davidcotton, garcsa and episiarch like this.
  7. garcsa
    Right said @productred .
  8. KaiserTK
    Brings out a bit more detail in the upper mids and tightens up the bass substantially. I’ve also tried combining the spiral dot tips with the symbio foam and it gets a bit warmer and slightly more soundstage.
    Thank you @garcsa

  9. mwhals
    Still waiting on mine. Processed on October 16th.
  10. garcsa
    PM sent!
  11. mwhals
  12. Aguilareric
    Are the peel eartips good for sibilant iems. I need new eartips for the Mee audio pinnacle px and I'm not sure what is the best option
  13. productred
    They dun tame the sibilance but they won't make it worse either.
  14. garcsa
  15. mwhals
    Really? I just bought mine in the last month.
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