a rare live Bob Marley recording
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Feb 11, 2005
I found this live Marley show online a long time ago and have been loving it for years. I just found this higher quality version, (256kbps) and wanted to share it with everyone here.

I think this is his best album, including all the studio albums, and it is live, which really blows me away. How these guys managed to sound better than in a studio setting live I have no idea. But listen for yourself. It's incredibly funky, the keyboardist and percussionist are off the hook. Just try not to dance, I dare you...

Here's a link where you can download it. I believe it is legal, because it's just a live show, but please let me know if it's not, and I'll erase it all.

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the password for the .rar file is MP3@3pm

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I believe it is legal, because it's just a live show

Unless the artists has a taping policy (Bruce Hornsby, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Dead, etc.) then they own the copyright to all their live material.

I'm not aware that Bob had a taping policy and he did release live albums officially, but you're not charging for it so I wouldn't expect to see the estate come after you!

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lemme see! and if you look for "Bob Marley & The Wailers Exodus-Kaya Horn Mixes" on google, you might end up w/ some FLAC goodness....these are unreleased demos that sound so friggin' good

the unreleased "Dennis Thompson Mixes" are also rather good

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