A quick question about Grado
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May 13, 2008
I have the high gain version of the Grado headphone amp, and now I've been thinking about getting another amp for my senn 650s, is the high gain grado amp going to be too much for grado cans that I might purchase for fun in the future?
Would anyone know if the high gain Grado amp will do well enough with, say, the beyerdynamic DT990s I will have soon? 250 ohm version, means hiss, right?
Guess I'll know soon enough.
There's enough room on my shelves for more components, since I have a few phono carts my system will probably morph into a two arm, two chain setup, before I sell half for speakers or something.
Just getting in among it, making all the mistakes up front I hope.
Someone told me I couldve done a bit better for my 650s, maybe an LD MKV or something. For some reason I want to stick with solid state for now.
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Jun 10, 2007
The LD MKV is sand state.

Grado headphones are low impedance (32ohm I believe). This means that they don't need nearly as much gain to drive them. Now, that doesn't mean that they won't benefit from an amp, but you don't need a ton of power. Maybe you should look into an amp with switchable gain settings?

The Beyers are high impedance, which means a higher gain is better for driving them. If your Grado amp is designed for high gain, it should drive the Beyer's well.

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