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A question for the BASSHEADS on Head-Fi

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by estreeter, Apr 27, 2011.
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  1. estreeter
    I spend a lot of time in the amp forums, and the single biggest question is 'how can I inject some bass into these phones ?'. I think many of us are going about it the wrong way - wouldnt it be easier to just buy something from Ultrasone/Denon and take it from there ?
    Personally, I found the coloration of the DJ1 lost its gloss fairly quickly, but (fwir) higher models in the Ultrasone range have a more balanced sound, but still retain that solid bass impact. It seems to me that spending $400 on something like the Pro 750 makes more sense than spending $500+ on a succession of amps that cant inject bass into headphones that simply werent designed to deliver 'thumping' levels of bass. Know thy headphones and thy sources - the rest will follow thee to bass heaven.
    I dont really have a dog in this fight - I like the tight bass from my AD900/Grado phones - but this seems like a good place to raise the issue and offer a possible solution.
  2. crinacle
    Trying buying a Fiio E3/5. Cheap, and if you don't like the improvement, GET SOME ULTRASONES.
  3. wind016
    What you need is a Cowon S9 or J3. Forget about the amps. Adding more power to an efficient headphone isn't going to get you anywhere. The Cowon's have one of the best EQs on the market, so you may as well check it out if you're a basshead and see just how far all your headphones can go bass impact-wise

  4. slapshot30
    Ah what a timely topic. I am currently in the decision making progress for some new basshead phones. It's between Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO (80 ohm), Denon D1100, Ultrasone HFI-580. All are somewhat in the same price range, can anyone recommend which has the most bass?
    Also, for anyone in need of that extra bass boost, look into the Digizoid ZO. The topic of bass boosting amps is talked about so much probably because it's a tough thing to find. I find the E5/E7 bass boost too little. The Cmoy BB messed up the SQ. On/off switch not a good idea because if it is too much/too little, you're out of luck. The ZO has 32 levels of bass to suit every user. Not too well known on head-fi but gaining ground.
  5. wind016
    Amplifiers with bass boost do a horrible job of retaining the details IME.

  6. slapshot30


    But have you ever tried the ZO? It is an interesting little device. I agree with you, but this was much different than the bass boosts of other amps I have tried. And regarding your recommendation about the Cowon devices, they are portable yet have no wifi or internet browser. If all I wanted was a really good music player, I would get one right away (pretty good pricing). But I think some users would like to retain the functionality of an iPod/iPhone with it's apps, internet, email etc. Especially for those with the iPhone, it would probably be best to just get an amp (or better headphones as this thread suggest [​IMG]) than buy another music player.
  7. winma
    I'd choose another set of headphones as well. The bass boost on amps does not satisfy my need of BASS. (not always, lol)
  8. wind016
    How about the Cowon Iaudio 9? That's cheaper and smaller. I would consider that a basshead's dream portable music player. I have a $300 software EQ on my computer and it STILL doesn't compare to Cowon's hardware BBE... 
    http://www.amazon.com/digiZoid-zo-1-The-Personal-Subwoofer/dp/B003LY6LDM  It's the same price as a Cowon I9 or a used Cowon S9. The Cowon gives me all the bass and details I'd want and more than I can handle =P  Cowon and Sony XBs will shake your head... Not that I'm suggesting you to max out the bass like that, but it can. I'm still questioning the need of buying an amplifier for the HFI 580 or Sony XBs... They're very efficient.  If anything, you want them to bring out more of the bass, not give them more current. I didn't notice much difference between my HFI 580 through my Cowon or through my home system.
  9. slapshot30


    Once again, I would seriously look into the ZO. I had the same problem as well. Increased the bass IMMENSELY without ruining SQ. I doubt you could even handle the second half of levels [​IMG]. You may need a new pair of headphones anyways though. M50 is no basshead pair of headphones. They could benefit from something like the ZO though.
    EDIT: To wind, (didn't want to make another post so I'm adding this) the ZO can be found from authorized sellers for around 80-90 USD, still pretty expensive I will admit. For the subject of this thread I will agree with you. The Cowon is a much better music player (strictly music) so in that case, there really is no need for wasting money on amps. Just buy better and better headphones. As much as I hate apple though, I couldn't replace my iPod and the features it has for something that strictly plays music.
  10. estreeter


    I tend to agree, but the buzz around this Digizoid thing is that they seem to have achieved the 'impossible' at a bargain price - I guess the only way to find out is to buy the thing. Personally, I will stick with the bass impact I get from my modded Grados - anything beyond that would put me back in DJ1 land : great for brief listening sessions, not so great for anything longer.
  11. wind016
    Agreed. The Digizoid thing is definitely looking interesting.
  12. winma

    I know, the m50's don't have a huge amount of bass...when compared to ultrasones, denons or xb series from sony.  Now, im curious about that device you mention. 
    Any review on head-fi? 
  13. slapshot30


    Do it [​IMG] there is a sale right now at one of the authorized dealer's sites. I'll just copy and paste what I said in the ZO thread.
    Edmund Scientific is having a sale right now. 10% off and free ground shipping on orders over $50 (like the ZO). They are authorized sellers of the ZO, that is where I got mine. This sale is for mother's day and the code is "2MOM". They just sent me an e-mail about it so I figured I would let you all know. If you love your bass, go ahead and buy it. You'll be happy you did [​IMG].
    *Expires 4/30/11*"

  14. estreeter
    winma, this is the only review I know of on Head-Fi:
    project86 has bought some quirky gear to the attention of the general populace before, and I like his reviewing style - as I said, the only real way to find out is to buy the thing.
  15. winma


    Cool, thanks for the link. I'll check it out [​IMG]
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