A question about the Wadia 170i
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Oct 18, 2001
I see that this product is becoming popular here, but I was wondering if people could explain to me its advantages and disadvantages. As far as I can see, it just removes the computer from the equation and allows you to use only your iPod as a digital transport. Is this correct? If it is, is this any better than simply using the optical output that comes on most Macs?

Currently, I am using the optical output on either my laptop or Airport express to go into my Cary 306/200, which has a toslink input to allow you to use its DACs. Since this is an optical signal, it isn't really subject to degradation is it? At least not from the computer RF interference or anything like that. Are there any other reasons that the Wadia would be a better choice than either directly connecting the computer or wirelessly streaming the music to the DAC? I understand that wireless can have dropouts and lag, but when the signal is flowing, does it degrade the quality at all?

Anyway, I am just curious as to how the Wadia is different, other than allowing you to use an iPod directly, as opposed to using iTunes and a physical or wireless connection.

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