A question about the Perreaux SXH-1
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Jeff E

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May 28, 2003
This thread concerns an attempt to responsibly handle a glitch in a consummated deal. If you are familiar with the SXH-1 headphone amplifier Perreaux made prior to the current SXH-2, several head-fiers involved in the deal are in need of your wisdom.

The Issue: Estimating the difference in current value between a Perreaux SXH-1 rev 0.3 and a rev 0.5

Some Background: I sold a Perreaux SXH-1 that I had purchased used. It was represented to me as a rev 0.5 as I later sold it as such. The current owner (hereafter know as Joe) opened the case and discovered that it was a rev 0.3
which, as you know if you are familiar with this amp, has a reputation for frequent problems including hum with low impedance headphones. Since there are no functional problems Joe is willing to keep the amp as long he is reimbursed for the value lost with a "downgrade" from rev 0.5 to 0.3. Joe's reasoning is that when he tries to sell it it will be worth less as a 0.3. According to his research, 0.5 have been going for $185-190 shipped.

The Questions: Given that the amp works fine, how much less would a 0.3 be worth? (Think about this as an estimate of how much less a buyer would be willing to pay.) Why? (Offer rationale.) Please post your answers.

Disclaimer: I know this is a tough call but all of us involved, including the person who sold it to me, have vested interests in estimating the value lost. It would help us resolve a sticky situation if we could get some unbiased estimates.

Thanks in advance.

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Jul 7, 2004
I sold my rev 3.0 perreaux sxh-1 for 175shipped, but ive seen the rev 3.0 go for as much as $220 in the used market.

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