A problem with Foobar is driving me crazy!! Please help.
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Apr 17, 2006
Foobar does not seem to support AIFF or WAV file tags. At first it wouldn't even play AIFF files until I downloaded the newest Foobar which seems to include the component plug-in.

All my songs were imported as either ALAC or AIFF or WAV through iTunes. The songs that are in ALAC all work fine and show the file tags. But half of my library is in WAV or AIFF and it doesn't show any tag info for them (artist, album, title, etc.) It shows the bitrate and the codec says PCM, but it doesn't identify it as an AIFF or WAV either.

How do I fix this? It has driven me crazy since I started using Foobar!! It only shows the name of the file, which is usually the song. But they are not put together in any order since they have no tags, and since I don't know every single song name by heart (but I do know most), if I want to listen to something specific I have to open up iTunes to find the name and artist, then go back in Foobar and play it.

And then if I right-click on a song, select tagging, and then select rewrite file tags, it pops up with a message that says the file is unsupported and can not be modified, regardless of being a WAV or AIFF.

Please help! Someone. Anyone! Anyone who has had this problem and can tell me how to fix it.

Thanks in advance!!
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Bump. Anyone? Any ideas? Please?
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The WAV and AIFF file formats themselves don't support tags. If you want tags you should convert to some lossless format like FLAC.
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Sure they do. They all have tags embedded in them from me entering them in iTunes, unless iTunes just keeps track of them in some other file. But if iTunes can do it, Foobar should be able to as well.

I see you're a fellow Porcupine Tree fan. Too bad their music continues to go downhill. I've been a fan of them since the early 90s, own everyone of their albums, have limited edition signed ones, etc. Wilson sold out.
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iTunes has that info, and the files don't. Foobar2000 will store data it needs to, as well, but not to that extent (it will store ReplayGain information for files that don't support it, FI).

Your best bet is to have evrything in a losslessly compressed well-tagged format (FLAC, ALAC). Then, you can move to something else in the future, too, and it will all just be read and work.
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I was thinking about customizing the interface but it seems like a lot of work. I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Thanks for the plug-in link. I will have to try that out.

There's a reason that I prefer CD-DA formats to ALAC. And I had a big thread on this some time ago. I was able to discern higher quality audio from the CD-DA files. I know the lossless uncompresses to CD-DA PCM data, but there seems to be either a bug with Foobar that is making them sound worse, or my system uses more memory when processing an ALAC file and results in audio with more jitter. This should not happen, but Vista is a huge memory hog and it is at least causing an issue on my end. Eventually I am going to move to an external transport and not use the computer to stream audio at all. Computers are very noisy buggers.

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