A possible good bluetooth music solution?
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Jan 8, 2013
Okay, first of all, I'm new in Head-fi (although I've been lurking as a guest for awhile), so I am very sorry if I posted this on the wrong forums (too many and I have no idea where to go). I'm not an audiophile, but little by little, I'm getting there. I own Superlux HD661 and the three variants of 381 (I know, I'm poor... but hey, if I can't even distinguish YET the difference between good and okay ones, why buy expensive ones, right?... but so far, said in this forums and in my experience, these babies are awesome).
I love using them with my MSI GX660 laptop (good speakers, so I must say good source? or not), crappy phone and tablet (I have yet to buy a good portable media player... again, not a trained ear). However, when on the go, I'm having a hard time with the cables, being tangled in my body or in my pocket, so I prompted for a bluetooth solution. I though of buying these ... a Nokia BH-111 and a Fiio E6, in a way that would look like this:

Headphones > Fiio e6 > Nokia BH-111 > Phone or something

. Is there a noticeable difference compared to straight wires (okay, I might not distinguish a great difference in music, but I DO see subtle difference between my four superluxes, and I'm still a college student, poor enough to waste money).
Okay, you might think, "well there're still wires, silly cow," but I like to hold on to my phones and tablet, and the wires just always dangle in front of the screen. Also, I've read somewhere that by doing something like my idea (headphones to amp to bluetooth receiver) would bypass the ugly... I would call sound card (no idea, but that's what I call when I build my desktop haha)... of my crappy phone and tablet.Moreover, I want to make my HD661, since it has a removable cable, a wire-free headphones (I don't know how, but I'll probably try to put the amp and the bluetooth on the sides of the headphones).

Any idea? I think I just saw an almost similar thread, but I don't want to necro the thread.

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