A neutral entry level CIEM?
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Dec 28, 2012
1st off: earbuds really piss me off. They make my ears hurt, physically and acoustically.
I recognize that this is mainly because I'm using cheap universals, usually shipped by Samsung with a new phone, but it also seems that my ear is too odd shaped to use them comfortably.
2nd important factoid: my varied musical tastes include solo piano, classical and contemporary. My favorite circumaural is the DT880 Pro and I'm completely satisfied with it, if that helps.
I'm looking for something high-isolation that I can drive off my Tab S at the office. My 880's leak too much sound, don't isolate squat, and besides, its heavy spiral cable would "wag the dog" and send the tablet flying. I am therefore ready to consider shelling out for my first set of custom IEMs.
Based on reviews, here and elsewhere, I was ready to pop for the Starkey HF-2, but I can't seem to find it on their non-English website, and any links to the order form seem dead.
The microphone on the cable is a nice touch but I'm not married to it. I care more that the cable itself isn't microphonic.
Can anyone point me to a suitable CIEM that's actually still on the market?

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