[A 'Mini-Con'!] Arizona Head-Fi Meet: October 21st, 2017

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  1. dontfeedphils
    Nice! Currently trying to offload some stuff to pick one up. If I don't have one by then I'll definitely be buying up some tickets.
  2. koover
    A little more then a month to go. Who else is coming?
  3. pctazhp
    I plan to be there
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  4. funch
    My gear is pretty much in flux atm, but here's what I will bring:

    DoodleBug USB de-crapifier
    Two of these: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/new...ss-a-wintergreen-handwarmer-by-xrk971.833106/
    one optimized for low-Z 'phones, the other for hi-Z. You absolutely must hear these. Very eye opening.
    AMB Labs DIY M3 (M Cubed) amp. An older design, but a stellar performer, especially for the $. ATM I have an SE unit, but may be building a balanced one.
    Chord Hugo TT (unless it is sold by then).
    M2Tech HiFace Evo USB-to-S/PDIF converter.
    Uptone Audio Regen
    HD 800 SDR mod
    DIY T50RP 'Plastic Pantz'
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  5. balderon Contributor
    I am planning on attending the meet and will contribute to help offset the additional costs.

    Eddie Current Balancing Act with Mullard ECC35 ADZAM / EML 300b-mesh
    Woo Audio WA6 (modded) wiith EML 274b / TSRP 6SN7
    Cullen IV PS Audio DLIII DAC
    Musiland Dragon USB->ASIO
    Senn HD-800 with DIY Cardas balanced "Fat-Pipe" cable
    Denon D7000 with J$ V3 pads
    Audeze LCD-1 (only 25 produced)
    EarSonics Velvet V2 IEM (trying to locate extra tips)
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  6. koover
    Very nice gear. I almost just want to leave everything home and just hang out at your table all day. :L3000:
    I believe this is going to be 1 hellava meet guys! Anyone else committing on attending?
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  7. Astral Abyss
    I'm not committing to anything, but I was thinking of attending and bringing my Singularity-19, aka the worst DAC ever made, as known by some, along with my C-2 amp and Dharma D1000 headphones. Maybe just for laughs... or maybe you'll like it, as I do... But will you admit it?
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  8. pctazhp
    I listed what I would bring, but that was a while back. I can bring my Feliks-Audio Euforia OTL and my HD800S. Virtually all of my listening is Tidal HD, but I don't have a laptop to bring, so right now I'm not planning on bringing a source. I may have a Gumby by then with Gen5 USB, but not sure how well it would work without adequate on-time at the meet, and again lack of laptop is a problem. Anyway, this will be my first meet so I'm looking forward ot it.
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  9. dontfeedphils
    Sidetrack, but if you have a halfway decent Android tablet or phone you can use UAPP w/Tidal and get bit-perfect audio out with pretty good quality. It's also the only way I've seen to get access to Tidal's MQA stuff on mobile (FWIW). I switch between my Nexus 6P and laptop as source, usually depends on which is closer to me at the time.
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  10. pctazhp
    Good point. I have a Galaxy S7 and a 2 year old Samsung Tablet. I can probably manage to get one of them set up by the meet :smile_phones:
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  11. Coolzo
    Updated the thread OP to be more readable (hopefully), and to contain the new gears up to this point. I think alot of stuff is about to be announced very soon, so yee. Hypehypehype!
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  12. balderon Contributor
    Any news about the availability of outlets at this venue? Should I bring my 100kw generator just in case? :ksc75smile:
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  13. ibob4tacoz
    Will Chris be here?

    Been out of the game for quite awhile, not sure some of you have noticed. Gotta check my schedule, not sure if I have an invitational meet that weekend, but if not, I should be coming in.
  14. Coolzo
    Speaking of Chris, I just realized... the dude hasn't even posted in this thread yet. How peculiar! But, indeed Chris @Destroysall will be present.

    EDIT: Just kidding. But few posts!
  15. Muinarc
    I noticed you haven't been around. Stop being a stranger and come to this one!

    I will be bringing some other goodies but I'll keep them a secret :wink:
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