A little clarification / help, please...
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New Head-Fier
Oct 25, 2016
Hey all,
I have a basic question that I'm sure has a simple answer, but for some reason it's confounding me. 

I own a Croft Integrated amp, which has an unbalanced Line Out and 3 unbalanced line ins. I am trying to add a headphone amp and a DAC – if possible via a one-box solution (in particular I'm interested in the Woo Audio Firefly).
My question: is that possible with the Woo...and if so, how do I connect the Firefly to the amp in such a way that I can use headphones to listen to both my digital source (via the DAC) and to records (via the Croft's built-in phono stage)? If I connect line out of the Croft to line in on the Firefly, that solves the headphone problem (as I understand it), but then don't I need an output from the Woo into one of the Croft's inputs to listen to the DAC through speakers? I see that the Woo has a selector switch to toggle between RCA ins & USB source, but that doesn't solve the problem of how to select the DAC as an input on the Croft...
Hope that's understandable...it's confusing as hell to me :wink:
Thanks in advance for your help..

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