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A HEAD-FI CHALLENGE: Fully fund The Kymera Project!

  1. Steve Eddy
    As music lovers, we spend sometimes considerable sums of money on that which has already been created; from the recordings themselves to the gear to play them back on. Here's a chance to put some of your money toward the creation of something. Something new and something that I think is very exciting.
    "The Kymera Project is literally a Visual Mixtape movie; A film made up of music video segments from multiple artists, woven together into an anthology film.
    Unlike some other music-based films such as Pink Floyd, The Wall, the construction of the movie is based on the idea of a mixtape: The creation of an album, a mood and a sound, that as a whole, can make an artistic statement greater than the sum of it’s parts. Each music video segment is different and tells its own story, while at the same time playing a part in the bigger picture of the film.
    Our goal is to bring to life this format with a filmmaking process that brings the musicians in closer collaboration with each other and with the filmmakers."
    I first heard of The Kymera Project the other day over on the Stereophile website. Creator/director Trevor Undi has chosen to fund the project via Kickstarter and although the project was launched on March 23, I was rather disappointed to see that as of yesterday, the project had only 34 backers and had raised only $2,858 toward their $80,000 goal. So I decided to pledge $1,000.
    Head-Fi has many thousands of members. If just 75 of you did the same, the project would be fully funded. Of course because Head-Fi has many thousands of members, it can also be done by many more pledging less. Bottom line, there's no reason why us Head-Fiers can't be responsible for getting The Kymera Project fully funded! And if you do choose to pledge, don't let it stop there. Just as important is to spread the word.
    Thanks, everybody!
  2. Steve Eddy
  3. Steve Eddy
  4. rroseperry

    This is an interesting project and even if you don't have a ton of money, every little bit helps.
  5. Steve Eddy
    Thanks, rroseperry!
    Yes, lots of small contributions can fund it just as well as a handful of large ones. And even if one can't afford to pledge, helping spread the word can be done absolutely free.
  6. Coq de Combat
    While I think it's an interesting project, I ask myself why not use some of the myriads of great CC-music out there or make deals with great indie bands looking for exposure. There are lots and lots of great music out there just waiting for promotion and exposure and a project like this could make use of those musicians. I mean, while I really like artists like Mos Def, The Roots, Jaar and Gonzalez, they probably cost more than they provide into a project like this. At the same time, maybe there are some well-established artists that would collaborate for the artistic reasons instead of monetary. As for everything else, there are open source software and such to be used for projects like this.
    Oh well, what do I know... I'm not a movie producer. I'll probably be able to pitch in with a few bucks when I have some.
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  7. Steve Eddy


    Trevor is, so feel free to share your thoughts on the Comments section at the Kickstarter page.
    Thanks, Coq de Combat!
  8. rroseperry
    I know probably even less as an ex-evolutionary biologist, current program manager, but I'm betting that the producer/director has a specific film in place mind which is based on certain narrative elements, i.e. specific visuals and specific music.

    But it's just a guess.

  9. Coq de Combat


    Ah yes, you have to be a backer in order to comment. It's okay, it's not like it's a big deal for me. I just think it would be a great way to save a few bucks and make the project even more realistic by using "obscure music that no one have heard before".
  10. Steve Eddy
    32 days to go
  11. Steve Eddy
  12. Bdunlop
    Hi everyone, I heard about this thread so I thought I would chime in. I'm Blair, the executive producer on the Kymera Project. First I want to thank you, Steve, for your amazing support and for involving this audience. There are likely many questions about the project so I wanted to give anyone here the opportunity to fire away. As you may have gathered, this is a very ambitious project that we truly believe will be something unique and special. I can answer many of your questions and can also bring Trevor into any discussions that require a more creative touch. Thank you all for checking us out!
  13. Bdunlop
    Hey Steve, looks like you've finally got some company in the Producer category!  Of course, being the first major Kickstarter supporter ensures that your status is firmly cemented.  Just thought I'd mention that a video is being uploaded to our Kickstarter project page that further explains our situation - it will be available tomorrow morning.  We're on the home stretch and need all the support we can muster.  Thanks again!  http://kck.st/GWK5cd
  14. rroseperry
    Bummer, it looks like it wasn't funded.:frowning2:

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