A Guide on Using Foobar2000 for Listening Music with ASUS ROG Centurion
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Dec 17, 2017
Leaving in about two years...
Just received my ASUS ROG Centurion gaming headset and man, I didn't expect this coming!
I mainly bought it to watch movies and playing some games, but then I discovered a new way to listen to music. In this guide I will explain how to properly set Foobar2K to listen music with ASUS ROG Centurion in 7.1 mode, using all of its drivers. It's time to push this beast to its limits!

Foobar2000 full installation
Channel Mixer component for Foobar2K
Firmware MCU v2.2 and DSP v2.4 for ROG Centurion (downloadable from ASUS ROG forums)
ASUS Sonic Studio software

After installing the above-mentioned, go to Windows sound settings and set the volume to 100.

Then open Sonic Studio and push all channel volumes to the max.
Set Voice Clarity to 50% (it only affects the centre channel).
Set Reverb to Studio 37%.
Turn off Bass Boost and Compressor.

Now open Foobar2K. Press Ctrl+P to open preferences. Drag the components' dll files to the window to install the components.
After installing the components, go to the Output section and choose "DS : Speakers (ASUS ROG 7.1)" as the output device.

Now go to Playback --> DSP Manager. Add Channel Mixer, Upmix to 7.1 and Graphic Equalizer to Active DSPs. Remember, the order is important (the upmixer must be below Channel Mixer).
Now click on "..." in front of Channel Mixer. In General tab, select 6 channels and check them all.
Set Stereoimage width to 1.00.
Go to Upmix tab. Set the Mode to Copy.
Set all volumes to 1.00.
Go to Subwoofer tab and check Use subwoofer and Bass redirection.
Select Subwoofer channel from the first list and set the volume to 1.00.
Select Leave satellites intact from the second list and set the Frequency to 300. Click OK.

Now you can go to Sonic Studio and equalize the headphone as you wish. I personally use the followings:
0, -4.5, -4.5, -6.0, -6.0, -4.5, -6.0, -6.0, 0, 0

Enjoy your Centurion. I personally didn't expect this kind of performance from a gaming headset.
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