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A good pair of over-ear HPs under $200 to last me 5-10 years?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by aman1420, Nov 6, 2011.
  1. Lorspeaker
    if u live near the equator, forget about the 840...its an oven. [​IMG]
    at the moment, i am a liking the 940 veryverymuch and i think u can get it around 200bucks in the resale market.
    its not accentuated upwards or downwards.. i listen to jazz orchestra vocals...no rocksssss. 
    so not sure if it will work for u....if u want ALOT OF BASSSS.
    if u want "more" bass, my other fav can is the d2000, and i dun sit on it ..so i guess it should last me ten years before the dustmites die off.
    between these two cans, the mids of the 940 is more forward...the mids of the 2000 is more "recessed"
    meaning when a lady is singing she sounds furrrrrther away from u. 
    but they are both very clear sounding cans.
    of cos the FA-003 is unbreakeable and slightly warm sounding, very involving can, i can get sucked into listening to it in a truck and fall asleep.
    its inexpensive.
  2. Marximus

    I owned the M50s twice, and both times I wondered why I bought them.  I found them to be...boring.  I think the 8400s are superior.  Treble is very well extended but not fatiguing, and drums are reproduced very well.  I found them to be well balanced.  I would also say that if you're looking for portability, the D2000s are *not* in that camp.  The 8400s are a lot more portable.  And half the price:).
  3. firev1
    As a M50 owner, I have to say(like the others) that the M50's do not excel in mid-range at all, I knew that before I bought it though as I use my M50s out and about when I do not have my speakers. To me, you only need to consider build quality as a main factor as you might be using it outside.
  4. david1978jp
    "MIDRANGE audio quality" ? Do you mean forward/standing out a little? If so, D2000 and M50 are not the best choice.
  5. aman1420
    Well everyone, thanks for all of your help, I really do appreciate it; however, I've decided that I'm going to stick with my current IEMs for portable use. I looked at plenty of different sets of cans, but in the end I just couldn't find a set with a really stellar midrange. With that said, I ended up researching open-backed cans for home use (go figure), and settled on the ATH-AD900 (unamped and probably staying that way.) Though this is completely off topic in regards to the thread title...anyone have an opinion of the AD900 that they'd like to share? Seeing as how you're all already here and everything....[​IMG]
  6. aman1420
    Well, it was worth a shot, I suppose [​IMG]
    Thanks again for all the help, everyone[​IMG]

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