A good gaming headset?
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May 13, 2012
I looked at the G35 but I'm not sure. Basically I want a headset that has:
-Most importantly the headset must be durable and have good cables because I don't want a cheap headset.
-I will pay up to 150EUR. 
-It has to be compatible with PS3/PC preferabbly.
-I also want a nice music experience mostly for trance music vocals mostly.
-MUTE/Volume buttons.
-Good microphone with good background noise cancellation.
-Surround preferabbly
If there is a wireless headset, I would prefer if I it could be wired and wireless at the same time. And 3.5mm preferabbly
Do you need a sound card for the G35?
Doesnt matter if it doesnt have all these features.
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In general, "gaming" headsets aren't as good for gaming as a real pair of good headphones. Gaming headsets tend to be gimmicky and not really sound great. A popular option for those who want good sound out of a headphone used for gaming is the Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 with a Zalman mic, but it's very bass-light so it may not be great for electronic music.
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Buy a quality headphone and cheap 10 dollar zalman clip on mic. Gaming headsets have poorer sound quality and are sort of one dimensional.

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