A few my DIY projects

  1. jororaitchev
    I want to show you how I find the volume of the rear speakers.They have a complex form and the introduction of data in the appropriate program will take a long time, after assembling of the cabinet i do additional processing and here the math does not help.

    From waste material I made this gadget ,that takes part in the measurements and when assembling the cabinet:
    I prepared the two shells in this way;
    W-1.jpg W-2.jpg W-3.jpg
    I fill the cabinet with water to the red line / there ends the front panel with the speakers /.
    I find the volume - 43l, I deduct the weight of the internal ribbed - massa 3.4kg.
    And the net volume of the cabinet is 39. 6l. More than I need, I need about 32l.
    The problem is that my investor likes the vision of the column.The decrease in volume must occur inside the construction of the cabinet.This sends the project in a more initial phase,we have a new requirement for the project, second W18 EX001.
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  2. Pars Contributor
    I concur with a previous poster's assessment... Holy ****!

    Very nice job, and thank you for the construction documentation which you provided! You do very fine work!
  3. jororaitchev
    Thank you for your attention!
    The old project went into the past ... old pr..jpg
    Everything starts from the beginning;
    new pr..jpg new pr1.jpg
    After processing the internal ribbing, I can start assembling the cabinet; new pr3.jpg new pr4.jpg
  4. jororaitchev
    I will continue publication to show the finish this project;
    new pr5.jpg new1.jpg new2.jpg new3.jpg F.jpg
    I made the filter compartment for "ТW" and "МW", Bass section will be in the cabinet.
  5. jororaitchev
    ..and more;
    F1.jpg F2.jpg F3.jpg F4.jpg f.jpg
  6. jororaitchev
    ..and more;
    Fin.jpg Fin1.jpg Fin2.jpg Fin3.jpg
    The first home tests are very good.
    My current surround speakers of " Technics" CA-10 with a good sound from 1997, they are sadly retreated himself ...
    Technical data:
    Frequence Range; 33-25000 Hz
    Long term Max Power; 200 W
    Crossover Frequency; 2800 Hz
    Impedance; 4 Ohms
    Sensitivity; 90 db SPL
    Cabinet Volume; 31 L
    Gross weight / without stand /; 27kg.

    This is the project of the rear speakers, will finish it with "Bird's eye view". There will be a sequel ...sometime..

    Joro Raitchev
    Sofia- Bulgaria

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