a Dan Clark Audio wireless Ether 2 could be ~350 g...
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Sep 21, 2012
Now that the Ether 2 has reached sub 300g weights, I wonder if Dan Clark has any plans to issue a full size wireless model?

The facts:
1) at 16 ohms, the Ether 2 requires minimal power to drive
2) DAC/AMP/Batt at similar scale to the Ananda BT adds a mere 60 g

Without a cable, the difference in weight between such a unit and the current E2 (with VIVO cable) would be imperceptible.
Given the success of integrated amplification in the stereo market, a clear precedent exists for improving the sound of properly paired speakers over non-integrated implementations.

Anyone know if something like this is in the works?
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probably not. but you can probably grab something like a es100 or fiio btr3 and make something close enough for yourself.

$2000 wireless headphone is an extremely niche a market.

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