A couple questions from a newbie with a broken pair
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New Head-Fier
Mar 17, 2006
So my Koss KSC-75s are broken and I'm considering sending them in for repairs but this problem has got me asking a couple more general questions.

1.) I've always heard how good KSC-75s sound for their low price, that's why I bought them, but if someone wanted to get a set of headphones that were one step up for the KSC-75s in terms of sound, what would be the cheapest choice? I really would hate it if I bought a pair of headphones that cost twice the price of the 75s yet sounded worse.

2.) I'm in Canada and I'm going out of my mind trying to find a good Canadian online retailer for headphones. Does anyone know of good places online for Canadian's to buy headphones? I've looked online but most retailers either won't ship to Canada, are from another country and charge a lot in terms of taxes/shipping/exchange fees, or are Canadian sites but don't seem to have a good selection/prices. What's a Canadian to do? Help!

Thanks in advance for any and all help you guys can give me!

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