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A companion to sleep on the side with? Yes, I AM in the right forum! ;-)

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  1. sofsof007
    Hi guys,
    Glad I found you here.  I'm trying to use a sleep hypnosis recording to fall asleep better and need to find earbuds that would be super comfortable for a side sleeper like myself.  Everything I've tried so far (under $50) was UNcomfortable to plain painful. Definitely counterproductive for my purposes...[​IMG] [​IMG]  I read elsewhere that some people liked Bose® IE2 audio headphones for this purpose, some didn't.  A few said that the Bose cable was kind of flimsy. 
    I would really appreciate your advice, particularly  from those who have actual experience with sleeping on the side while wearing earbuds. 
  2. meltie
    This really depends on the size and form of your ear, so experiences others made might still not lead you to headphones comfortable for you.
    But still: Since you would mostly use it for voice, the Westone UM1 might be worth a look. Very small and comfortable, I sleep with them on the side. The Ultimate Ears UE 700 are very small and using a different form factor than the Westones. Maybe they would suit your ears better. I don't know any smaller inears than these two.
  3. chrisjackson
    If you are looking for iems maybe could add the tiny Jays q-jays to list.
    Buds are a bit hit and miss whether get size for seal (for bass and so don't fall out) and comfort. 
    There are fit enhancers like "Comply Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers" (look bulky for your use) or (more promising perhaps) yurbuds.
    Another possibility may be something like Koss KSC35 or 75 placed under pillow.
  4. Il Mostro
    Aren't there pillows with built-in speaker systems?  They would seem ideal for this  -- probably their only useful application.  I could swear I have seen these somewhere.
  5. DubHead
    One of these? http://www.hammacher.com/Product/79924?source=CMPSHOP&cm_ven=FROOGLE
  6. Il Mostro
    That's it.  One of those impulse buys the airlines hope you make after a few drinks.  As goofy as it is, maybe better than trying to sleep with IEMs.
  7. chrisjackson
    Have seen those speaker pillows but put off by generally pretty iffy reviews. Not sure what happens if you want to wash the pillow...  
  8. DubHead
    I assume there is a way to take it out.
  9. Il Mostro
    Try using a pillow case and knock off the excessive drooling. [​IMG]
  10. lee730
    I find myself falling asleep quite easily with peaceful music with my Silver IE8s.
  11. kckc
    I find all westone earphones to be very comfortable for sleeping, 
  12. sofsof007
    The suggestion for a pillow or a headband would NOT work because the specific files I listen to must be heard in a good stereo setup, because each ear gets a completely different separate "story, as if you're listening to two unrelated songs at the same time, except they converge somehow.  It's designed to overload your conscious mind, so you'll be more open to suggestions  Something that combines elements of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
    So I do need pretty decent earbuds, I just need them not to hurt me, inside my ears and outside. [​IMG]
  13. nikp


    Not when you're sleeping on your side. [​IMG]
  14. keanex Contributor
    JAYS q-JAYS are good for sleeping with. Very small profile and comfortable.
  15. calipilot227
    Try the Yuin PK2 or PK3. They are conventional earbuds with a small form factor (the pair I tried out fit flush with my ear).
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