A brief comparison/review of the AKG K3003i vs the Shure SE846
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nice. i will try it. I m use super tips gel on my se846. but Wear is not good.

I would suggest you buy the full assortment of tips from Westone. A package of all of the True Fit and Star Tips (10 pairs) only costs about $15. That way you can try them all to find the right size.
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Thanks for the review, nice and comprehensive without being too effusive. Am weighing up whether I take this step up in quality with the Shure 846 so the more detail the better.
Steep investment but for maximum enjoyment there's no price barrier.
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Thanks dleblanc,
that was an excellent review which I'm sure will be really useful especially in such a hotely contested market where so much money is involved. I was able to try out the IE800s on 3 different DAPs aswell as my phone and was lucky enough to try out the K3003is. I have some Westone 4rs that I was able to compare them with and I also own and am therefore familiar with the sound signature of the HD800s and the Beyer T1s. I've also previously owned the LDC2 rev 2's which I had for a year.
I wish I had had the chance to listen to some SE846s but there were none around.
I was able to try the K3003i from a DX100. The IE800 was hooked up to an AK120. Some decent setups as you can imagine. I also plugged each into my rather more humble Archos 58 internet tablet and Slee Voyager headphone amp.
My opinion's not by any means definitive, but I would most certainly agree how powerful and how special the K3003s are. They outclassed my Westone 4s in many respects.
The fit on the IE800s is effortless because they are so tiny and they seal fantastically well.
The fit on the K3003s will take more effort to get right but they seal fine, you have a much bigger speaker you are putting into your ear.
The bass on the IE800 and K3003 I thought was substantial. The IE800s had too much bass for my tastes and the K3003 was spot on.
The vocals on both were superb, just wonderful. Strings were also presented in a way you could almost feel the effect.
The imaging , again only in my opinion ( and I'm sure the DX100 played a part in this element) had a live natural feel to it that reminded me of the LCD2s more than the HD800s. The W4s are more laid back in this respect than the K3003s. Again I'd say the K3003s were more enjoyable in the imaging. I thought the IE800s were quite precise in their imaging but I preferred the K3003s presentation.
The treble ( the deal breaker for many ) is where I'm in agreement with you, the treble is not toned down at all. In my opinion it adds to the overall qualities of the K3003. I think to many ears it might appear a harsh sound at first.
There are a few options for uiems even at this price scale but I'll be looking forward to trying the shures.
thanks once again
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Another thing can you tell us what the microphonics issues are with the 846/3003s? The W4rs are around the ears but even then you can feel the vicrations of your walking or running quite noticeably. This is a huge issue in iems for me. I've not found any I've been happy with so far and I've got through a dozen pairs so far.
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Hey great impression between the IE800 and K3003!

As for microphonics, I'd say they both perform very well, with the edge going to the 846. (Less microphonic). I don't think anyone should be concerned with either.

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