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Aëdle VK-2, and new VK-X (2018)

  1. ATau
    French company Aëdle is coming up with their second headphone: the VK-2!


    Seems to be a VK-1 with some slight changes/upgrades. The external appearance is very similar. The slits on the side of the cup from the VK-1 are gone, replaced by very small ports. The earcups finally fold flat for easier storage. The earpads are now replaceable and are magnetically held in place (this seems to become quite trendy).



    Aëdle claims a more "audiophile" sound signature with this new headphone. The original VK-1 already sounded awesome, though there was a slight emphasis on the low frequencies. This didn't bother me at all, as they still sounded extremely clean. But it's true that they could benefit from better treble extension.

    Another flaw of the VK-1 was wearing comfort. The VK-2 seems to have slightly thicker earpads and the headband padding will apparently be improved.

    If Aëdle delivers on both sound quality and comfort, this promises to be quite interesting!

    Price will be $420 or €390.

    Improvements from VK-1 to VK-2, according to Aëdle website:

    Mechanics / Comfort
    • Improved headphones vertical size adjustment control and feeling
    • Removed risk of inner wire failure on right side
    • Fully sealed headphones
    • Detachable Magnetic Earpads
    • Earpads manufacturing process entirely changed
    • 90° Controlled Rotation, Foldable flat
    • Headband Stitches moved on the edge
    • Headband Padding improved
    • Added PCB on both sides for Female 3.5mm connector and link L/R
    • Mechanically Bluetooth Ready
    • Improved 40 mm drivers freq response for midrange & highs
    • Acoustic chamber reviewed completely
    • New sound signature - more "audiophile" oriented
    • Important extension of trebles vs quick drop for VK-1
    • Bass vents location and size modified - 2mm
    • Stereo Imaging widely improved
    • New cord supplier, thinner and more flexible Cable
    • Changed overmoulding technique for 3.5 mm connectors
    • iOS (<Iphone7) / Android full compatibility
    • Improved Remote General Quality
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  2. ATau
    Aëdle will apparently produce the VK-2 in batches of 500 units every 6 months.

    Pre-order for the 1st batch is live right now with some nice discounts.

  3. shield07
    Have you tried them out? I would really like to know if the sound signature has changed from the vk-1s.
  4. ATau
    I did try them out and sound signature changed quite a bit from the VK-1.

    To me the VK-2 is brighter than the VK-1, which was very dark sounding and bass-oriented. With the VK-2 you will get lighter bass, more airy mids and more extended treble. I found the sound signature to be very different going from the VK-1 to the VK-2. Aëdle claim they are going for a more "audiophile" sound signature with the VK-2 and I guess I can agree with that statement. It's up to you to decide what kind of sound you're looking for. To me the VK-1 is the winner as I absolutely love the bass on that headphone, even though I don't consider myself a basshead.

    I see you're from Korea!
    I talked with some staff of Aëdle and they told me they had very positive feedback on the VK-2 sound signature from Korea. It seems like the Koreans are loving the VK-2!

    It seems however that most people had some issues with the new sound signature, saying that the low frequency area was too recessed. Therefore Aëdle are apparently working on a revised version of the VK-2 with a slightly differently tuned sound.
  5. shield07
    Oh, that's too bad..... I really found the vk-1's sound to be close to perfect. After using the pxc 550 for a while, listening to the vk-1 again felt like heaven. the only thing holding me off was discomfort on my large ass head + glasses. Looks like I gotta wait for the revised version ;(
    Btw, thx a lot for the quick reply:)
  6. ATau
    Ok so small update: I got a revised VK-2 a few months ago and I'm happy to say Aëdle has done a tremendous job!

    2018-03-06 23.05.16.jpg

    The VK-2 in its revised version comes with a slightly longer headband for those with bigger heads (like me) and a different sound tuning. To do so, they retained the same driver element but worked on the acoustic chamber and venting. The new version now has 4 ports instead on just 1. From the outside, that's the only thing that helps differentiate the two versions.
    To my ears, the sound of the new VK-2 is now a blend between the VK-1 and original VK-2. Overall they achieved a nicely balanced sound in my opinion.

    Comfort has also gone up thanks to the longer headband which allows more freedom for bending it into a shape that is suitable for each individual's head. I'm still waiting for the over-ear pads though but these will come very soon as the new wireless VK-X is launching tomorrow!

    The VK-X will basically be a wireless VK-2 with support for High Resolution Bluetooth audio and Active Noice Cancelling. edit: and of course over-ear pads!
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  7. ATau
    To find out more about the new wireless Aëdle VK-X, check out the Aëdle website! You can also sign up to get a chance to win a pair :k701smile:
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  8. ATau
    Last chance to sign up at Aëdle and "earn a VK-X"! The Indiegogo campaign launches today :L3000:
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  9. ATau
    The pre-order campaign for Aëdle's new creation, the VK-X, is now live on Indiegogo!

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  10. monsieurfromag3
    I didn't get on with the VK-1 but took a chance on the VK-2 based on the product page on Aëdle's website - something I rarely do. The presentation just read right, and it sounded like a nice evolution of the VK-1, whom I'd auditioned only briefly and long before but just remembered as too colored and lacking in wow factor. I thought the VK-1 looked amazing, and like the VK-2 even more, the wider headband in particular. The sound signature I enjoy very much, balanced across the board, with punchy, controlled bass, fine mids that don't recess, and well-developed treble with no glare or sibilance.

    They are for my taste the best-looking headphones I've ever seen, bar none, with ethics on point in addition to the great sense of aesthetics. And actually made in Paris! I live in Paris, and I hate this city where you basically can't do anything, so that is really deserving of massive respect.

    I pre-ordered the VK-X. Important note: Aëdle actually lets Indiegogo backers send the headphones back for a refund if you don't like them. See what I meant about fine ethics? The VK-X seems very advanced, preserving the great quality and materials, evolving the sound further (and possibly getting back towards the VK-1's signature, but we'll see), with aptX HD support and LDAC practically guaranteed at this point of the funding campaign. They actually turned down BT 5.0, a dud where BT audio is concerned as they explain very well on their journal (basically none of the advertised advantages will make it into wireless headphones, it's just a marketing ploy at this point). There should be an app at some point, with EQ and other functions. And they're making the switch to over-ear, which means less clamping to prevent sound leakage - the only complaint I've seen consistently leveled at the VK-2, which can indeed prove uncomfortable, with glasses especially.

    Aëdle as a company are remarkably open to feedback, to the point where I, just a dude, have an ongoing conversation with their CEO about the VK-X, with long, personal replies and everything. The team is very approachable on the conventions, enthusiastic about their products, and suitably left-field, to the point where they released a finely crafted collection of accessories recently, just bags and small items that don't make a sound apart from the luxurious swoosh of high-end leather.
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  11. monsieurfromag3
    Aëdle has added support for wired usb-c connection, so it’s not wireless-dependent anymore, and will keep working when the battery is dead. Also, no codec limitation - that’s good for people with no aptX-capable device.
    The bad news is, the app is off the table for now. I was really counting on that for EQ.
  12. shield07
    They did say that they probably develop an app later on, just not upon the release.
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