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9th Vienna Meet Impressions Thread

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  1. ampair
    Just in time before the other thread is closed, here's the official impressions thread of our absolutely great meet today. Please post your pictures, thoughts and personal highlights and see you next time!
  2. ampair
    Unfortunately, I have to start this thread with somewhat disturbing news. Most likely it affects just one person, but it's still disturbing.
    I'd like to remind you that the venue was free, the available drinks were cheap and I invested personal unpaid time and effort to prepare and clean up this event. All in good faith and trust that none of the attending people would take advantage of the bona fide, open cash drawer. Obviously one or more persons did, because we are €21,40 short in total. An amount which makes up more than half of the consumed beverages. An amount which sounds to me like two unpaid lemonades (which would actually be forgivable) and €20 plainly stolen from the drawer (but of course, this is just my theory.)
    An amount which I have to pay now from my own money.
    You may consider me officially pissed.
    The way I see it, this ends in two possible ways:
    1) Until next Friday (04.02.2016) some anonymous, possibly guilty feeling person puts €20 in an envelope, addresses it to "Fachschaft Elektrotechnik, z.Hd. Basti" and hands it to the porter of the building where we had our meet. In this case, I will forget this nuisance and pretend it never happened.
    2) This was the last meet organised by me.
    Not so sincerely,
  3. hrklg01 Contributor
    Hi Sebastian, I want to send you this money, this is because there was many friends there and I really had fun.
    Please give me your bank account number, it will be sent immediately.
    Thanks for the very nice meet organization again!
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  4. plakat
    Hi Sebastian,

    Very sorry to hear that. Since I value your help very much, I'm of course making good for that. And let's transition to some other system for future meets... Very unfortunate indeed.
  5. rogues08
    Hi Sebastian, 

    this is really uncool, sorry to hear that. 

    On a different note, it was my first head-fi meeting and I had lots of fun.

    Thanks again for the organization.
  6. Wurstteppich
    Hi Sebastian,

    it's a shame that someone takes advantage of such a nice and fair system by stealing from the cash drawer!
    It would be really sad if the event wouldn't be organized by you again next time, simply because it seems there was one ******* there.
    Same as Heinz I would like to offer making a donation to cover your expenses, simply because I want you to continue organizing such a great event. I suggest to use a closed cash drawer next time, with a reasonable size, so someone can not put it in his jacket. Unfortunately it seems such measure need to be taken, even in such a great community.

    Aside from that sad news, I want to thank all of your for the great experience yesterday and the pleasure of talking and drinking with you! The location was really cool...nice view, modern, enough space for equipment, separate room for drinks and food...all that filled with great people I had great conversations with. Hopefully they also felt the same way about talking to me, even with raising alcohol levels in my bloodstream :) Damn those people who brought all that interesting schnaps to the place!!

    The most interesting thing was...I spent more time drinking, having conversations and watching Heinz doing his measurements than actually listing to gear. However it didn't make me feel missing anything...well I also heard the stuff I was most interested in.

    Altogehter I enjoyed that well organized event very much, it was totally worth the trip from Germany! Thanks for that!
  7. Kornasteniker
    Hi all,
    Thanks a lot for the great time having on this saturday afternoon! Sadly I had to leave quite early because of a concert I was attending in the evening.
    I'm also feeling a bit sorry for the person who had to steal money from the drawer to better his livelyhood. That suggests that he hasn't got enough money to buy himself some food...
    But all in all thx so much for the orga of this meet again, sebastian and also for you guys having an interest regarding my equipment. It was also a pleasure to listen to yours!
    Greetings, KoRnasteniker
    PS: Next time I definitely will stay longer than yesterday :)
  8. Wurstteppich
    And we will visit the Whisky store together!

    By the way...thanks for the Laphroig...I really enjoyed that one :)
  9. asterm100
    Hi all,

    this was my first meeting, which I visited. I must commend the organization. It was great.

    Participants! It would be fair to collect the missing money and transfer to Christian.

    Thank you for the warm welcome despite my poor German and Greetings to all.

  10. rogues08


    your german was totally fine, don't worry about it.

    It was also my first meeting, glad you had a good time.

    Hope you had a safe trip back.
  11. ampair
    Well, I can declare the matter closed. A very nice more-or-less anonymous guy (*cough* can't remember name *cough*) picked up his box of gear today and donated a crate of beer to the Fachschaft. It still isn't clear what really happened, but I appreciate the gesture.
    Thank you all for your support, and thank you for attending. I had lots of fun for sure, so let the good posts come :)
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  12. FritzS
    On hint for a very good test music for the next session.
    Marianne Faithfull - Blazing Away
    https://www.discogs.com/de/Marianne-Faithfull-Blazing-Away/release/2916019 (this CD I own)
    videos about
    I thank all for this very nice session too!
  13. interface95
    I really appreciated the meeting too and again thanks for the great organisation.
    To be honest, I could not listen as much to music as I planned to do.
    But therefore I had really great conversations.
    Looking forward to the next meet.
  14. thokli
    Hello everyone,
    A big "Thank You!" to Sebastian for organizing and to all the participants and visitors for coming to the meet. The location was great!
    Time flies when you enjoy yourself, but this time I managed to take some photos I would like to share.
    Some general impressions:
    The AKG K1000 and one of its creators (Heinz) doing headphone measurements:
    Who needs a headphone amp when you can use vintage (loudspeaker) amplifiers to drive your headphones (Ask Sebastian[​IMG]):
    Some DIY gear:
  15. thokli
    And here are some pictures of the latest and greatest gear. (Not complete, of course. There was much more to see and hear.)
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