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$999 Calyx M with DXD + DSD, 64GB + SD + µSD storage

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by seeteeyou, Oct 28, 2013.
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  1. noplsestar
    This DAP seems to work with everything wonders,m: A18t, Legend X, ProPhile 8, Oriolus MK2 but also with Oppo PM3 and at the moment Campfire Audio Cascades. Of course it’s all about listening preferences. Choose your poison :wink:
  2. Malcuso
    I think I might have lost my volume slider today? I realize I can still control the volume from the screen but really like having the easy access slider. Anyone have this issue or offer a work around?
  3. noplsestar
    Look inside your Calyx M box. When I got my M I found a second slider in the box. I don’t know if this was with every box, but maybe you are lucky.
  4. Malcuso
    Good idea! Thanks.

    Just in case there is not a second one, please keep the ideas coming?
    I think I might try a small fridge magnet to see if that works.
  5. noplsestar
    I am also sure you could ask the Calyx guys to send you one.
  6. scottm18
    You'll be even more surprised with Fidelizer Mod and Advanced ROM. Some said they prefer modded Calyx M over some highend DAP

    Ok guys...I'm lucky enough to own this DAP and recently dug it out again after having to give up my LG V30. My main caveats are the fact that it doesn't (and never will) play my carefully cultivated ISO files and there's no online mode whatsover--oh and that horrific battery life That said, the sound is unbeatable and I can always hit ISO2DSD for a few hours...

    i do have a few questions for those of you in the know...

    1. Just what is this Fidelizer ROM I've heard about and what does it improve? How much is the upgrade? What mods overall are available for this player...and do any handle ISO files? I doubt the old CPU could keep up....
    2. What are the largest SD and microSD cards you've been able to get work. Will it take the popular 400GB mSD Sandisk?
    3. Just how good is that X-Batt and is it worth it? It blows the size up to a small house, but probably a necessity with my DSD files, which has rediculous battery drain on that full-size DAC. With the Calyx slow charging system, that must take days to charge...
    4. Can it do OTG connections?
  7. WindowsX
    You can get Fidelizer Purist ROM from here.


    Purist ROM is available for free with system performance and battery life improvements. I offered Calyx M mod before in past years based on design with engineering perspectives.

    I'm not really sure that Calyx M will support 400GB card since card reader model is rather old. Maybe using 64GB is safe and may support up to 128GB. If you can try first, that would be great.

    X-Batt increased battery life with few hours more but it's also significantly thicker too. If portability isn't your concern, maybe it's worth giving a shot but I prefer to use powerbank in my bag.

    OTG connection is yet to be heard on Calyx M device. Maybe you can get OTG cable to try and see if it works.

  8. kladik87
    Hello everyone.
    Please help me with one problem.
    I bought a new player. he was defective. volume is not adjustable. the sound goes to the maximum from the headphone jack, as from a linear one. The firmware change did not help, the problem did not go away.
    The store offered to send the player back, but it would take too long: return and send the player for replacement. If anyone encountered this problem and with a self-repair, please help.
    More on the video later.
  9. kladik87
  10. tonyc2468
    Just my opinion
    I have 2 of these DAP -the fidelizer advanced purist rom is installed on one and the other is stock
    My experience has been slightly better boot up time and response on the mod- and on blind test listening to same track volume matched I seem to pick out and prefer the mod - subtle difference to my ears as with and without sound great
    I have run 256gb in SD slot no problem and 200gb in the micro sd slot also works but takes forever to boot up ready to play
    I have settled with 200gb card in SD and 128gb on micro sd as best combination for what I can tolerate on boot up time to track ready to play
    Tried xbatt but while it gave 2 hrs extra to the 3-5 I got on std i did not feel it was with it for the bulk
    Still my favourite DAP for sound enjoyment- I still have my AK240, hifiman 901, plenue 1 , m as keepers - many newer fancier and more expensive daps have come and gone in my Collection- but unless you need features ie if you want to stream or bluetooth , better interface then I have not had any others that I prefer on sound enjoyment
    Have not tried .otg connection
  11. Barra
    Thank you, this is useful info.
  12. obileye obiyemi
    Hi, I live in the UK is there a way for me to get hold of a calyx M? Anywhere please? Thanks
  13. seaharp1
    Barra likes this.
  14. gazzington
    I got mine from jaben. I love this dap, such a warm thick sound
  15. good sound
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